World gold Coin Sizes and thickness.

American gold CoinsDiameterThickness
1/10 oz Gold Eagle $516.511.27
$2.50 Gold Indian Head17.781.14
$2.50 Gold Liberty Head17.981.27
$3.00 Gold Princess20.701.02
$5.00 Gold Indian Head21.591.40
$5.00 Gold Liberty Head21.591.59
1/4 oz Gold Eagle $1022.021.65
$10.00 Gold Indian Head26.912.03
$10.00 Gold Liberty Head26.992.03
1/2 oz Gold Eagle $2527.002.18
Half Dollar30.502.10
1 oz Gold Eagle $5032.692.84
$20.00 Gold Piece34.302.41
Silver Dollar38.202.80
1 oz Silver Eagle40.603.05
Sacagawea Golden Dollar26.502.00
Austrian gold CoinsDiameterThickness
1 Gold Ducat20.010.80
2 Gold Ducat39.550.76
1/10 oz Gold Philharmonic16.001.20
1/4 oz Gold Philharmonic22.001.20
1/2 oz Gold Philharmonic28.001.60
1 oz Gold Philharmonic37.002.0
Chinese CoinsDiameterThickness
1/20 oz Gold Panda13.941.14
1/10 oz Gold Panda17.961.02
1/4 oz Gold Panda21.942.05
1/2 oz Gold Panda26.942.59
1 oz Gold Panda32.053.18
1/20 oz Gold Unicorn14.00
1/10 oz Gold Unicorn18.00
1/4 oz Gold Unicorn22.00
Isle of Man & Gibraltar CoinsDiameter
1/25 Gold Cat, Cherub or Dog13.970.66
1/10 Gold Cat, Cherub or Dog17.960.94
1/5 Gold Cat, Cherub or Dog21.971.30
1/2 Gold Cat, Cherub or Dog30.021.80
1 Gold Cat, Cherub or Dog32.442.41
Mexican CoinsDiameterThickness
2 Peso Gold13.001.02
2.5 Peso Gold15.60.86
5 Peso Gold19.051.14
10 Peso Gold22.501.40
20 Peso Gold27.432.03
50 Peso Gold37.082.69
Australian gold CoinsDiameterThickness
1/20 oz Gold Kangaroo13.910.81
1/10 oz Gold Kangaroo15.951.22
1/4 oz Gold Kangaroo19.991.78
1/2 oz Gold Kangaroo25.222.29
1 oz Gold Kangaroo31.992.64
1/20 oz Gold Lunar Series13.910.81
1/10 oz Gold Lunar Series15.951.22
1/4 oz Gold Lunar Series19.991.78
1/2 oz Gold Lunar Series25.222.29
1 oz Gold Lunar Series31.992.64
1/10 oz Platinum Koala16.031.14
1/4 oz Platinum Koala20.041.63
1/2 oz Platinum Koala24.941.98
1 oz Platinum Koala32.002.34
Canadian CoinsDiameterThickness
1/20 oz Gold Maple Leaf14.150.79
1/10 oz Gold Maple Leaf16.051.14
1/4 oz Gold Maple Leaf19.751.70
1/2 oz Gold Maple Leaf25.122.24
1 oz Gold Maple Leaf30.002.79
English gold CoinsDiameterThickness
1/2 Sovereign19.220.99
1 Sovereign22.021.52

By Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurentl is working in the jewelry and investment gold since 2002. Alexandre graduated from The Normandy School of Business and from the University of Perpignan a Bachelor of economics in 1995.

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