Will the Silver Price about to Explode?

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Question by Andrew3534: Will the Silver Price about to Explode and hit $100 an ounce and how much silver will be worth if the dollar collapses?

Best answer: The silver price will explode in the coming years, and if you are not positioned you will lose out big time. The demand for silver is soaring, and China recently announced the legal ownership of silver to its citizens. Countries, industry, and investors are starting to put an increased strain on the already strained silver market.

SILVER PRICE PER GRAM Source: bullion-rates.com/
SILVER PRICE PER OUNCE Source: bullion-rates.com/

Silver plays the role as not just a monetary metal, but also functions as an industrial metal. Many applications are consuming massive amounts of silver in industry today. Electronics, batteries, water filters, solar panels, medical equipment, and much more are using silver at shocking rates and each application it is used in is not recoverable. All of the silver consumed in industry is thrown away in landfills, not recycled like gold.

Silver price chart 100 Years.

Investor demand is pushing silver higher as inflation rears its head. The dollar is being falsely propped up by our government, and one way they are doing that is by manipulating the price of silver down. Silver stocks, silver bullion, silver coins, and American Silver Eagles will be the best investments in the coming years.

For your own safety and the safety of those around you, spread the word to investors who are seeking shelter for their dollars. Staying in dollars right now will kill your financial dreams. If you are in stocks, bonds, cash value policies, or anything denominated in U.S. dollars, you must get your money into silver and gold.

The silver to gold ratio is historically 15:1, but today that ratio fluctuates between 60 and 70. The silver to gold ratio is how many ounces of silver it takes to buy one ounce of gold. The silver to gold ratio is out of Wack because our government has intervened in the markets and is suppressing the price of silver.

silver prices rose even more than gold prices, increasing by 930% from 1999 to 2011.

On the COMEX (Commodities Exchange), there are a few banks who are short selling silver, illegally. These banks are way over their position limits is silver, and each time they sell short they are pushing the price of silver down. The physical demand for silver will soon bring an end to the long-time market manipulation in the price of silver, and the silver price will go to the moon.

The banks that are shorting the COMEX silver contracts are shorting massive amounts of silver, and they are way over their contract limits, illegally. When they flood the market with the massive amounts of silver they are being allowed to short sell, the price must go down to find buyers to fill the orders. This is how they have been manipulating the silver market.

These banks continue their illegal activities, even though they are way over their allowable position limits. The manipulation I am talking about will come to an end, investors in silver must be patient though. The COMEX has gotten close to defaulting on physical deliveries, and word of cash settlements and ETF shares instead of physical gold have been surfacing.

The market for silver is miniscule compared to any other market. When investors catch on to the fake stock market rally and start looking for quality, it may be too late. The small size of the silver market will allow for massive profits, but you must be positioned now to take advantage of this bull market. Protect yourself, your family, and your friends by buying silver. You will thank yourself for that. God bless.

Keith Neumeyer’s Bold Vision: Can Silver Really Soar to Triple Digits

The silver market stirred up quite a buzz in 2020, breaking the $20 per ounce barrier for the first time in four years and maintaining that level for an extended period, even peaking at $29.59 in 2021.

Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster ride, with silver repeatedly testing the high $20s, achieving a high of $29.59 and briefly crossing the $26 mark as recently as May this year. Yet, the elusive $30 mark remains unconquered.

Nevertheless, one prominent figure, Keith Neumeyer, CEO of First Majestic Silver (TSX:FR, NYSE:AG), has consistently voiced his belief that silver could ascend to triple digits. This bullish sentiment has been a recurring theme in Neumeyer’s interviews and statements, starting with his $130 price target back in November 2017, and reiterated on multiple occasions in subsequent years.

One of Neumeyer’s core arguments for this optimistic outlook is his comparison of the current market cycle to the early 2000s when the dot-com bubble was in full swing. He anticipates that a market correction, akin to what occurred in 2001 and 2002, will drive a resurgence in commodity prices. Notably, he personally benefited from investing in mining stocks during the 2000s.

Neumeyer’s conviction for triple-digit silver hasn’t waned. He believes in the long-term potential for silver, even though his initial expectations for a rapid price surge have been adjusted. His rationale includes a belief that the silver market is in a deficit, disputing supply-side data that suggests a surplus. He points out that when you subtract net investments in silver exchange-traded products, a deficit becomes apparent.

Neumeyer also underscores the growing demand for silver in various high-tech applications like electric vehicles, solar panels, and electronics. This consumption is outpacing silver production, creating a significant supply-demand imbalance.

In a more controversial stance, Neumeyer suggests that silver may decouple from gold in the future. He sees silver not just as a precious metal but as a strategic resource due to its critical role in everyday technology, such as computers and renewable energy technologies. This perspective challenges the conventional view of silver as an abundant metal.

Neumeyer’s triple-digit silver prediction is a long-term projection. He anticipates gold surpassing $3,000 in the near term but expects silver to reach only $30 in 2023. However, he believes that when the gold/silver ratio becomes highly skewed, silver will take off, possibly catalyzed by events like high-profile endorsements or news of a silver supply deficit.

He also addresses the influence of banks on the silver market, suggesting that they cap prices at around $30 in the paper market. To combat this, he’s taken steps with First Majestic to create its own minting facility, First Mint, to exert more control over the silver supply chain.

In summary, Neumeyer’s prediction of triple-digit silver is grounded in his belief in a forthcoming market correction, increasing demand for silver, and his conviction that silver is an undervalued and strategically important resource. The road to $100 silver may be long and winding, but Neumeyer remains a steadfast advocate for the white metal’s potential.

I also think it’s a good opportunity as the silver price is around 20 Dollar I will buy. the silver price can even go to 100 Dollar within the next 5 years. This is not impossible as we had almost 1000% in 10 years.


Silver will be at 35 in 6 months. Big banks have held it back for their own gain. Get ready for 35 for this metal!


To Michael Silver has seen incredible performance over the last decade or so, but will values continue to increase? Without a time machine it is not possible to predict this and be sure of the accuracy that the prediction has. Many investors have high expectations for this metal though, and expect future prices to dwarf the current prices by a substantial amount.


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  1. christine

    , my outlook is excessively optimistic.

    The limited market share of gold and silver is a key factor for their potential surge, which I anticipate to be substantial. Historically, these assets have represented between 1.5% and 2% of the total savings and investment assets in the U.S. market over the past forty years. This fraction, in comparison to other financial instruments, has consistently hovered within that range.

    The aim isn’t necessarily for precious metals to reclaim their peak market share from 1980. Rather, a return to the average is all that’s required. Should this reversion occur, as I firmly believe it will, there could be a threefold or even quadruple increase in demand within the world’s largest savings and investment market. This transformation seems imminent. Especially noteworthy is the potential in the mid-cap gold sector, where companies exhibit remarkably appealing net present values in relation to their enterprise value—a metric derived from market cap, debt, and cash, discounted for future cash flows from proven and developable reserves and resources at current prices. These values are currently at their most enticing levels in my 45 years of experience in this field.
    Furthermore, my conviction in silver’s imminent price escalation remains strong. Even at present rates in comparison to historical benchmarks, silver appears undervalued. My bullish stance extends across the entire spectrum of commodities.

  2. fytigre

    I’m not too bothered by the spot price drop; it’s the inflated premiums that deter me from buying in. I get that State Mints like the US or Royal Mint might add a premium, but seeing APMEX and JMBullion throw on 15% to 20% extra for their branded rounds feels excessive. And there’s no consideration for the ‘lack of bulk’ penalty—where if you can’t afford 500+ rounds or 100+ 10 ozt bars, you’re hit with even more cost.

  3. SkyDaddy ·

    Seems like there are too many factors at play to really figure things out, in my opinion. I keep an eye on silver every day, waiting for the right moment to buy. Economic news plays a big role – I grabbed some when it was at $24.00/oz. and wouldn’t mind if it went below $22.00. But there’s this thing with premiums. If they stay high while the spot price doesn’t move much, sales slow down. But when the premium goes down and the spot price too, sales pick up.

    1. Alexandre Laurent

      Ah, remember when the market was swimming in silver? Profit margins were razor-thin for everyone in the game. But give it time, premiums will drop again. Back then, snagging a 1oz physical for $16 was the norm, spot prices were a steal. Bet my whole stack we won’t ever see under $25/ozt again. Those were the days!

  4. Edward

    This year may not favor silver due to global economic struggles. The likelihood of a correction in global stock markets and subsequent margin calls may drive silver prices down. Despite being an industrial metal, there isn’t sufficient physical industrial demand in the current year. Investment demand seems inconsequential as buying silver primarily involves an exchange of ownership. However, silver’s breakthrough in price is anticipated in two to three years, coinciding with increased industrial demand fueled by new technologies. Therefore, this year presents an opportunity to accumulate physical silver. Looking ahead to 2028, there is optimism for significant gains.

    The market share of gold and silver, often perceived as a limiting factor, is expected to defy expectations. Historically, precious metals and related assets have represented between one and a half and 2% of total savings and investment assets in the U.S. market over the last four decades. This implies a consistent market share relative to other financial instruments. Contrary to the notion that they may not go higher, there is confidence that both gold and silver will experience substantial growth in the future.

  5. hadit

    I believe that’s the underlying objective: To maintain low silver prices in order to reduce the costs of producing items like cellphones and computers. Silver is an excellent conductor of electricity, which makes it an intriguing choice. I found the information to be insightful, and I value it. Any manufacturer aiming for a substantial profit margin typically achieves it by keeping expenses such as raw materials and labor to a minimum. This is a fundamental approach embraced by most business owners, which is why these components are often referred to as “factory inputs.”

  6. Red_Eyes

    Looking for the most affordable 1 oz silver rounds in today’s market? You might want to consider the Intaglio Mint 1 oz reject silver rounds available at Limited Mintage. As of the time I’m writing this comment, the spot price for silver stands at $22.76, and you can snag these reject rounds for just $26.59 (applicable to both Check and Credit Card payments). It’s a compelling option for those seeking cost-effective 1 oz silver rounds. You can find more information about these rounds on their website: Intaglio Mint 1 oz Reject Silver Rounds.

  7. lspacejesus

    I recently made a purchase at SD Bullion, ordering a tube of generic rounds. The spot price was approximately $22.85, and I managed to secure a great deal, paying just $25.85 per ounce using ECheck. It’s the best offer I’ve come across in a while. At $25.83, I couldn’t resist, so I bought another tube. Interestingly, these are technically considered coins, which, in my opinion, make them an even better choice

  8. nevmo

    Guess what? Predicting where silver prices are headed is about as easy as predicting the next big thing in the stock market. I mean, who has a crystal ball, right? There are so many moving parts that could send silver prices on a rollercoaster ride.

    Imagine a scenario where someone stumbles upon a massive silver deposit – boom, prices drop to $10. Or maybe things just chug along as they are, or prices go up, but by how much? It’s like trying to pick the next Amazon stock; it’s a wild guess because there are just too many factors in play.

    Now, if supply remains steady, and the demand for stuff like solar panels keeps going strong, we might see silver prices climbing into the $100s per ounce. But, and it’s a big but, if someone discovers some game-changing mining tech or solar panels that don’t need silver, well, silver’s price might just putter along.

    My gut feeling? Silver will likely keep pace with inflation and maybe even score a few extra bucks. It’s just too valuable to become obsolete, and mining it gets pricier as we dig deeper into the Earth. Plus, it seems like we’ve squeezed just about all the silver we can into solar panels without making them junk. So, it’s safe to say that silver isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

    1. Alexandre Laurent

      Looking at the crystal ball again, I’d say silver will probably hang around the $25-35 per ounce range, at least if nothing super dramatic happens. But hey, that’s just a shot in the dark.

      I mean, we’ve got so many wild cards in play, like the possibility of war or peace, maybe a miracle where the two political parties finally get their act together and give us a functioning government, or some game-changing tech breakthrough. Who could forget the wild ride the Hunt Brothers took us on back in the day? So yeah, anything’s possible in the world of silver prices.

      1. Alexandre Laurent


  9. SilverSurfer99

    “I couldn’t agree more! The dynamics of the precious metals market can be mind-boggling sometimes. It’s true that historically, during major market sell-offs, there’s often been a flight to safe-haven assets like silver and gold. However, the situation is influenced by numerous factors, and it’s not always as straightforward as it seems.
    One possibility for the recent dip in silver prices despite the Dow being down and VIX up could be due to a combination of factors. The supply and demand for silver can change, geopolitical events, changes in industrial use, and global economic conditions can all affect silver prices.
    You mentioned the 2008 crash, and you’re right that silver didn’t peak immediately. It took time for investors to turn to precious metals as a hedge against uncertainty. Perhaps we’re seeing a similar pattern now, and as you suggested, silver might experience an upswing in the long run if market instability continues. It’s definitely a perplexing market, and it often requires a lot of patience to see how it all unfolds

    1. Alexandre Laurent

      The current state of the silver market does seem to be influenced by several factors. Panic selling and market capitulation can certainly contribute to the volatility we’re seeing.

      You’ve touched on some crucial points here. Silver’s role as an industrial metal makes it sensitive to economic conditions, and a slowdown can lead to reduced demand. The strengthening of the U.S. dollar, as indicated by the DXY chart you’ve shared, does play a significant role. When the dollar becomes a safe-haven asset, it tends to affect the prices of commodities priced in dollars, like silver.

      Faith in the dollar and Treasury bonds can indeed sway investors away from precious metals like silver, especially in comparison to gold. And the fact that a substantial portion of silver is produced as a by-product of other metals means that silver supply isn’t solely dependent on its price.

      It’s true; silver can be a tricky investment. It holds a lot of potential, but it often falls short of expectations. Timing the market and buying low can be challenging, but it’s those who have the fortitude to weather these fluctuations who often find success in the long run.

      So, who’s up for the challenge of ‘buying low’ in this rollercoaster market?” 📉🎢💰




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