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i am gifted a trailer park and its land (6.55) on that piece of land sits a house and garage. i believe the deceases son (The executor) is trying to separate the house and garage off of the land that was willed to me.

* So, my question is any thoughts on if he can go through with it? THANKS


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If u are in the USA ? Yes, if the estate needs to pay off debts or fulfill bequests from any last will and testament. To settle the estate and validate the will is the Executor’s responsibility. They are responsible for paying all debts owed by the estate, collecting any money owed to it, and filing federal and state taxes.

Dates for court proceedings are arranged at the Court’s convenience, not the heirs.

Smart people sell everything, including their possessions like furniture and jewelry, and divide the proceeds equally among their heirs or in accordance with their will.

The Executor can certainly sell off the estate. They must follow the will exactly as written. what they are paid to accomplish.

In the event that a will is challenged, unless there are


“He can and it sounds like he will, IF you don’t stop him.  Hire a lawyer and get an injunction in place.  Why are you sitting around doing nothing except wondering if he can do it?”


“You probably should get a lawyer right now.  If he succeeds in doing this, even if it shouldn’t have been allowed, then it will be 100 times harder to reverse.  You need a lawyer looking into this before it happens to make sure it doesn’t happen.  No idea if this is allowed or not but if it’s a gray area then they may allow it even if they shouldn’t but a lawyer on your side should be able to stop that.”


“Just looking at the way you drafted this question…you 100% should be asking a local attorney this question…bring your paperwork. “


“That’s a question for a lawyer in that state. No one here can answer this. My first instinct is to say no, but there may be situations where this is perfectly legal”


“He cannot separate it, that is not at all how property works. The house and the garage are part of the property. It just isn’t possible to separate the two.”


“Was the home and garage built on-site or brought in and plopped? 

Is the entire property on one tax parcel or are there multiple tax parcels?

No one here can answer your question because we do not have all the information.”


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