Why do people keep saying that we’re in a stock market bubble?

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A question by Anonymous:  Why do people keep saying that we’re in a stock market bubble, just because the market happens to be rising a bit faster than normal?

Why can’t they just stop fighting the fed and accept that this is the new normal, and that this time truly is different?


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“The only “people” saying anything is you.  It is a bubble, it is NOT a bubble, it is rising a bit faster, it is NOT rising a bit faster.  They are fighting the Fed, they are NOT fighting the Fed.  This time it is truly different, this time it is NOT truly different.  Or did all that escape your eagle eye attention.”


“Why are companies in business?  To make money.  So, the only important indicator is the Price/Earnings ratio.  The ratio is somewhere around 23 now which is very high historically.  Either earnings will increase dramatically (not) or prices will return to normal levels. “

the oracle

“A lot of money circulating, which is different from many using their currency, but it is good in the short term, but bad in the long run.”


“If you put $30 into the stock market, you’d only get back $1 in profits in a year. Historically, you’d only need to put $10 into the market to get $1 back in a year. This is the biggest most over inflated bubble in world history. .”


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