Where to Sell Gold Jewelry? The Best and Worst Places-

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Where to Sell Gold Jewelry? The Best and Worst Places to Sell Gold Jewelry

Want to know where to sell gold jewelry? If you want to sell gold jewelry you don’t want to sell for less than your jewelry is worth, and valuing the diamonds or other features can be difficult. There are lots of places that offer to buy your jewelry but very few will actually give you the value you deserve, so be sure to follow these tips before you settle for less than you deserve.

Selling Jewelry Happens…

There are many reasons you might want to sell your gold jewelry. The most common occurrence is that you have suffered through a divorce and are ready to sell your wedding ring and other jewelry. It’s an unfortunate time with many emotions, but you shouldn’t add to your burden by taking the wrong steps and selling your gold jewelry for less than it is worth. Both your diamonds and your gold has an intrinsic value that should not be discounted.

Know What Your Jewelry Is Worth.

You ought to learn your jewelries true value before you enter into any negotiations for sale. The diamonds and gold should be appraised by a professional gemologist to give you a true indication of its value. Your diamond might be worth quite a bit more than you think, or it could be worth quite a bit less. It is absolutely crucial to get a trusted jewelers opinion before you sell your jewelry.

Jewelry stores and pawn shops are not the place you want to inquire about your jewelries worth. You should seek an independent opinion. Don’t forget that a jewelry store can possibly be the buyer of your gold jewelry and it is not in their interest to give you a proper valuation of your pieces worth. Their opinion of what your jewelry is worth will be a factor based on retail price that they can get for it and also a deduction for their profit.

Use A Trusted Appraisal Service.

There is no substitute for using a trusted company to find the true value of your diamond and jewelry. The jewelry industry, unfortunately, is filled with a variety of quotes, appraisals, and certifications that do not accurately represent the true market value of your jewelry. With the price of gold what it is today and the intrinsic value of diamonds you should not sell yourself short, but first seek the professional council of a trusted and certified gemologist when you want to sell gold jewelry.

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