Where to find the prices of a gold coin in today’s market

Question by Goldenmind145 Do you publish gold coins price in euro and dollar….

Best answer by Guru: The prices of a gold coin in today’s market depend on two key variables. The first is the value of gold on the open trade market. This is something that can vary drastically from one year to the next. For instants in Dec 31 1800, an ounce of gold was worth a little more than 19.00 US. This seems to be an extremely low value considering today’s market, but gold was relatively cheap until about 1980 when goal really soared in price on Dec 31 1980 it reaches 850.00 an ounce. Gold coin prices are determined by market forces in many ways.

This was a crucial time for coin collectors many sold off their collection for melted as the melt value far exceeded the coins value. The market calmed down for a while after that, until about 15 months ago when gold soared to an all time high of 1000.00 per ounce. This also drove a lot of collectors to melt them. This means that the number of gold coins in existence today has dropped dramatically therefore, bring in the other key variable of gold coin prices, which is rarity. 

The rarest known gold coin is the fantastic US 1933 Double Eagle gold coin. In 1933 when President Roosevelt ended the gold standard in the US, it became illegal to possess any gold coins, so of the 445,500 minted in 1933 all were thought to be destroyed in 1934 except for two that went to the Smithsonian. In 1944 the secret service became aware that as many as 20 of these coin had been stolen prior to melt.

They have since been recovered for the most part. Only one of these coins is legal to own and on July 30 2002, that coin was sold to anonymous buyer for over 7,000,000.00. To date the highest price ever paid for a coin. Ten of the recovered stolen coins are sitting in a vault at Fort Knox KY.

Regardless of whether you are looking for american eagle gold coin prices or just  general gold coin pricing you can be sure that there is something for all avid coin collectors in this market.

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