Where else can I keep money instead of a bank ?

A question by Jason:   I want to put a couple of thousand dollars away and forget about it, just incase things go wrong and I need money in a ‘serious emergency’ I don’t want to hide it in my home or bury it, it’s ‘Not’ from illegal gains by the way lol?


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Buy savings bonds. That’s one way.

Why not a bank? You can certainly open a savings account with that $2K in a bank you don’t use for everyday transactions–and stash the info somewhere you don’t constantly see. OR you can put that money in a short-term Certificate of Deposit–which is not a “liquid” account that you can withdraw from all the time. The CD will pay interest, you can decide once a year or at the end of the term what you want to do with the money, renew the CD or not. .”



buy gold and silver. A bank is just best for many reasons. Tons more secure than most any other option.

Under your mattress, in a wall socket or even buried in your bank yard.

But I keep all my money except maybe $50 in the bank.

The chances of you not being able to access your money at a bank are pretty close to zero.


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Go to a broker like Edward Jones, Charles Shwab, etc… open a managed asset account and you can tell them how hunch to keep liquid and so forth.
Managed Asset Account


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