Where dollar coins are made in the usa?

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Question by nathanpyle Where are US coins manufactured?

Best answer by Guru: If you are a coin collector, the dollar coin might be one of the coins you have in your collection. Coin collecting does not merely mean that you keep pieces of valuable coins in your collection. According to coin collecting experts, coin collecting also means collecting pieces of history and tradition.

Every coin including the dollar coin that is minted in the United States represents a piece of the United States history. In the United States, the origin or the place where the dollar coin was minted plays an important role. There are six US facilities that currently mint the dollar coin. They are Forth Know, Washington DC, San Francisco, West Point, Denver and Philadelphia. Each of these facilities has special roles when it comes to the making of the dollar coin.

The Philadelphia US Mint Facility.

The Philadelphia Mint
151 N Independence Mall E, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 

The production of dollar coin that goes into general circulation is handled by the Philadelphia coin minting facility. Different kinds of coins are sculpted and engraved in these facilities. The Philadelphia minting facility is one of the most heavily guarded government facilities in the country to protect the integrity of the dollar coin. Although visitors are allowed to enter some areas of the Philadelphia Mint Facility, most areas are considered off limits to the public.

The Denver US Mint Facility.

US Mint Denver Facility.
Denver, Colorado 80204, EE. UU.
picture credit Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , Wikimedia Commons.

The Denver Mint facility is considered as one of the richest mint facilities. Besides being used for minting dollar coin for general circulation, this facility is also handles the production of commemorative dollar coin. The Denver Mint Facility is used to capture historical events in the country by engraving such memorable events into the dollar coin. In addition, this facility also serves as storage facility for silver and gold bullion. Experts believe that the Denver Mint Facility contains several tons of gold and silver. That is why it is considered as one of the richest government facilities in the US.

The West Point US Mint Facility.

All uncirculated silver, gold and platinum bullion coins are stored in the West Point Mint Facility. When talking about uncirculated coins, we mean those coins that used more force during the manufacturing process to create finer quality coins. These uncirculated coins are packed and stored in the facility to maintain its quality.

The uncirculated coins can later on be used as a basis for grading the quality of circulated coins. For most coin collectors, uncirculated dollar coin is considered as one of the most valuable pieces of coins. Many coin collectors are ready to pay a high price for uncirculated dollar coin.

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