Where can I find a reliable online source for purchasing gold coins in the United States in 2024?

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Apologies if I overlooked Vente-achat-or—I did search. In 2024, which marks the year of the dragon, my mom tasked me with locating year of the dragon gold coins supposedly being produced by Sweden. However, I’m facing difficulty finding any relevant information. Additionally, I’m unsure about purchasing without knowing how to verify the legitimacy of online sellers.
Appreciate any guidance or assistance you can offer.

Hickok 45

Hero Bullion and APMEX are both reputable sources. APMEX might lean toward the pricier side, but they do offer reliability and quality in their products. If you’re seeking alternatives that might be more budget-friendly, exploring other dealers like Hero Bullion could be a good approach.


Consider checking out Bullion Exchanges or APMEX for your search. You might also find this older list of major dealers helpful: https://vente-achat-or.org/en/online-bullion-dealers-what-are-the-best-places-to-buy-gold-in-the-usa/




Hero Bullion and Bold Precious Metals often offer competitive prices, as does Liberty Coin and Bullion Exchanges on eBay. Liberty Coins, based in California, is known for its offerings. These options might provide various choices and potentially favorable rates.


APMEX stands out as a top choice for quality, security, and a wide selection, though not always the most budget-friendly. Surprisingly, Walmart and Costco websites can offer some of the most cost-effective options. Walmart often sources directly from APMEX, sometimes selling their products cheaper than APMEX itself. Other options like SD Bullion and Provident Metals also offer competitive choices. If you’re willing to spend a bit more for peace of mind, APMEX is a reliable bet. Additionally, Costco is another potential option for purchasing gold, although I’m not personally a member.

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