When your apartment is sprayed for fleas is it normal for your landlord to require you to leave for 4 hours?

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A question :  I don’t have fleas in my apartment but someone in my building does. I was told I had to leave for 4 hours. The problem is I no longer have a car or family who lives close by so I basically had nowhere else to go. I let the people involved know this but they insisted it was procedure.?


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“Yes you need to be out of there for a minimum of 4 hours then open all doors and windows for at least an hour when you get home and air out. One time when I was spraying my house with a fogger I forget something inside house and had to get back in, and even with covering my face and getting in and out in less than a minute I started to get like an asthma attack and had a hard time catching my breath, just being exposed to it in that brief time. So yes, you need to be out of your house. Go to a movie, go shopping or visit with friends.4 hours isn’t that long. But beware this may have to be done a couple more times 30 days apart to kill off all fleas, if you do it right..”


“Yes, it is not just for health reasons but also because it helps to stop the problem. The fumes in the air can cause serious breathing and skin issues. Then the place should air out for 2-3 hours minimum before someone goes inside. It needs to be kept closed to actually kill the fleas. Vacuum every day for 2 weeks to get them all gone.

If it isn’t in your place, they are obviously doing a max spray where it includes outside and even some inside.

You can take a walk, go on a bus, ride a bike, go to the library, etc.”

“Your property manager or landlord would request you to leave for health and safety reasons.

Normally the fumes and chemicals might be harmful to you. If you were not asked to leave, there would be some individuals that claimed they were allergic to the chemicals and would want to take the landlord to court and sue.

As to where you go, this is not a responsibility of your landlord or property manager. The landlord and property manager cannot control each aspect of your life.”


“Yes, it stinks but it’s necessary maintenance. If you need to leave overnight, that is another issue- but a few hours for insect spray or other maintenance, they can do that. Unless it’s a dire emergency, advance notice is required.”

“Go shopping…you have to do that anyway or go to a movie. Even if I wasn’t asked to leave, I wouldn’t want to be around those fumes…they are poison. Be sure to clean up your place after they bomb it or spray. Cover all food stuff or stuff it in the fridge. Wash all your dishes too.”

“Yes, it is normal and expected.

There should be a written notice process, but if the sprayers show up, I am out of there even if I have to walk to the library for half of that day.

You would rather be in the apartment breathing up all of that spray?!

If he does not require you to leave, you can sue.

He is required to require you to leave.”

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