What types of Precious Metals are eligible in your IRA?

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  • Gold coins and bars:
    • American Eagle
    • Pamp/Credit Suisse Bars .999 Fine
    • Canadian Maple Leaf
    • Austrian Philharmonics
    • Australian Nugget/Kangaroo
    • U.S. Buffalo Uncirculated version
    • Gold Bars-.995+Fine that are accredited by Comex/Nymex
  • Silver:
    • American Eagle
    • Austrian Philharmonic
    • Australian Kookaburra
    • Canadian Maple Leaf
    • Silver Bars-.999+ Fine that are accredited by Comex/Nymex
  • Platinum:
    • American Eagle
    • Australian Koala
    • Canadian Maple Leaf
    • Isle of Man Noble Coins
    • Platinum Bars-.9995+Fine that are accredited by Comex/Nymex.
  • Palladium:
    • Bars that are .9995+ Fine that are accredited by Comex/Nymex.

Information on Gold IRAs.

There are more people realizing how vital it is that we not only save for our futures but that we protect the money saved as well. There is so much information on this infographic that informs everyone about the benefits of gold investments. It makes sense to use gold and silver as a more secure investment in our futures. Gold and silver are a way to diversify your assets from the unstable paper funds to a more rounded portfolio. We have always heard it is not smart to put all of your eggs in one basket. That is true for your retirement funds as well. Diversification can prove to be a very important step in a healthy retirement portfolio. You can have physical precious metals as an asset that holds value as it has for thousands of years throughout history.

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