What makes money a good Commodity?

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A question by Anonymous:  I need a few examples on what makes money a good commodity. :]?


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“Money is supported by the GovernmentMoney can be more stable than SOME other commoditiesMoney will (almost) always have value, and can be traded for a range of goods/servicesMoney is very liquidMoney is easy to measure.”


“”Good” is a subjective term, and means many different things to different people.Commodities are too volatile and highly leveraged for an investor. They are trader’s markets. What you are really asking is “what is a good market to trade for a trader?” It doesn’t sound like you are a trader, so you’re kinda putting the cart before the horse. All commodities have an equal opportunity. But you ask “What makes money a good commodity?” Are you asking about Forex? You can de-leverage here, so it might be worth looking into. Still, it’s a trader’s market..”

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