What is the difference between a leasing agent and a property manager?

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Leasing agents and property managers play different roles. A leasing agent primarily cares about making a sale while showing prospective renters the houses and properties that are advertised for rent. Their only objective is to persuade a potential renter to sign a lease for a rental.

On the other hand, a property manager takes care of each and every aspect of the property, even after it has been successfully rented. While a property manager is focused on finding tenants quickly, they also make sure the tenants are happy with their new home and have a smooth transition. Property managers also respond to any issues raised by tenants on the owner’s behalf. Minor repairs and making sure all the amenities are in good order are only a couple of these worries.


“A leasing agent finds someone to lease the property.  A property manager – MANAGES the property, collects the rent, looks after repairs, etc..”


“Leasing agent is more sales & usual works in apartments. The property manager would be the leasing agent’s boss & manage more than just apartments.  I am a property manager & manage an RV park. .”


“A leasing agent is typically only responsible to market and lease property to tenants.  A property manager typically leases and physically maintains the property.”


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