What is the best way to sell a coin collection?

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medoraman Says First, you need to know what they are worth. I am guessing most of the Morgan dollars aren’t extremely high grade or rare dates, so most will be worth $10-15. The others I can’t guess because you didn’t have much information. The overall best place to sell would be a numismatic auction house. If there isn’t a dealer nearby who has auctions for you to consign to, then I would consign to a local auctioneer. I have seen common silver dollars bring WAY too much money at these auctions by people who do not know what the value should be. This only works on inexpensive coins though. For anything worth more than $100, I would try to either consign to a coin dealer auction like I said, or list on Ebay with a reserve price. To decide this, of course, you need to know approximate worth. To do that, take them to a reputable dealer, or find out where the local coin club meets and ask their opinions. One thing coin collectors like to do is look at and talk about coins!

audeo8 Says: First go to someone who can give you an idea of their actual value. An auction house that specializes in or has experience with rare coins is your best bet. Not only do they have contacts to build interest in your auction, but the reputable ones won’t sell your items for below value.

With eBay it can be hit or miss. If the people collecting aren’t on that week or there aren’t enough of them your collection will either sell under value or won’t sell at all w/ the reserve you placed on it.

I sell on eBay quite a bit & the reality is people are looking for deals. You’re looking for the most money for a specialty item.

It may sound more complicated but an auction house, even a local one, is your best bet.

Hope this helps.

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