What is the average down payment on a home loan?


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Before buying a property, you must have between 10 and 20 percent of the price saved up as a down payment. Mortgage lenders took this precaution to safeguard themselves since it suggested that you would manage your money more responsibly. It also gave them protection because they were less likely to lose everything if you defaulted on the loan because they did not lend the whole worth of your house.

A maximum of 80–85 percent of the property value may be financed for a home. As a result, you will need to put down a down payment on the home of at least 15-20 percent. But it also relies on how stable your finances are. You should proceed if you have the financial capacity to put down 50% of the property’s value.


“Average down payment is 10%-20%. However, there are some cities that have programs that will cover your down payment.”

Anonymous I am a transaction coordinator for a mortgage company

“The average down payment is usually 10 to 20%. Most first-time buyers do not have 20%. A lot of mortgage companies will let you buy a house with nothing down.”


“Depending on your location, the lending company, and your credit rating you could put as little as 5% on a home. Don’t expect that unless you want large house payments. Expect to put down 10-20% as a norm.”


“I have seen a lot of 5% and 10% recently. Mostly because the price of houses has been going up, but income have not.”






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