whether prices of silver will rise of fall in future?

Vaor answered: precious metals are expected to rise. i anticipate that it may reach about 30000rs per kg until 2023 starts. it will always be a good option to buy precious metals instead of stick to minimise risk.

It depends on the time period. In the long run silver prices will go up significantly as will the price of gold. In the short-term prices may come down a bit as there has been a strong rally in the past months. Since 2002 silver has already risen from around $4.5 to $18.5 today. On the other hand, in 1983 silver was worth $16.

The fundamental reasons for rising prices in the long run are the following:

– falling USD due to budget deficits and mounting debt

– limited supply and growing demand

Contrary to gold, silver is widely used in production of various goods. The economic growth in emerging markets causes many commodities to be in demand. Silver, as gold, also has value in a monetary sense in maintaining the value of money.






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