What happens when the dollar collapses.

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A currency collapse happens when a country’s currency loses its value and becomes practically unusable in everyday transactions. This can occur due to political or economic instability, hyperinflation, or war. Although it’s not common, it has occurred in several regions globally. Despite the theoretical possibility of a U.S. dollar collapse, its status as the world’s primary reserve currency and its endorsement by the largest economy make this scenario highly improbable but possible.

The Dollar Collapse Is Coming Soon, Be Prepared.


Understanding the Risk of a Potential Collapse, Key Takeaways: A currency collapse is a situation in which a country’s currency loses its value and becomes almost useless for daily transactions. This can happen due to political or economic turmoil, hyperinflation, or war. Although it’s not a frequent occurrence, it has occurred in various countries worldwide. As an investor, it’s important to recognize this risk, but fortunately, there are ways to mitigate it. While the U.S. dollar is not immune to collapse, its support from the world’s largest economy and its position as the global reserve currency make such an event highly improbable.

what would happen to the Canadian dollar if the us dollar collapsed? The economies of Canada and China depend heavily on exports to the U.S. If the U.S. dollar collapsed, then the U.S. economy would collapse, which would cause the economies of China and Canada to collapse, which would cause the Canadian dollar to collapse.

Does anyone else fear the impending dollar collapse and chaos that will ensue? I think that based on how much we’ve spent already the collapse of the dollar collapse is inevitable. It happened terribly in the former confederate states of America based on less printing of money than we are now. It is also happening right in Zimbabwe. I think people need to really pay attention to this. We will be fearing for our lives in a year or so…No, not in the least.

How do you think the FED would react to a dollar collapse?? A I have a simulation activity for my International Political Economy course tomorrow in which we will simulate an economic crisis such as a dollar collapse. I have been given the position of FED so i have big shoes to fill. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I have a general idea of what they would do- such as raise the interest rate and reduce the money supply, but i will take all the advice i can get…Thanks! Dollar collapse would not be fixed by the fed the people would have to put up with Hyperinflation. See Germany in late 30’s

Impending dollar collapse? Does anyone else have a bad feeling about the economy and where it is headed right now? I know the government is telling us that the economy is getting better, but I still have some doubts. I feel the stock market is just another bubble about to collapse into another financial meltdown. What do you think about the safety of the American dollar? Check out the zeitgeist movie. The second one is pretty interesting. I just want to know, at what point did the pursuit of happiness turned into the pursuit of money?

Is the price of gold rising or is the dollar collapsing? Since WWII the US Dollar has been the international currency of choice, to back all world currency. But now, internationals are dumping dollars, and replacing with gold. India took a huge loss on dollars, just to buy 200 metric tons of gold. Has the printing and spending finally caught up to our collapsing economy? I am afraid so and the end is sooner than you think.
Altogether, foreign countries own $2.4 trillion in U.S. Treasuries. If China, Japan or other major holders begin selling a lot of Treasuries on the secondary market, it could start a panic amongst all sellers, causing a dollar collapse.
Demand for Treasuries will fall, which will cause interest rates to rise. Imports will become relatively expensive, which will spur inflation. Money previously invested in dollars will go to gold, real estate and other commodities, further spurring inflation. High interest rates will make homes even more expensive.
However, U.S. exports will be dirt cheap, helping the economy. Unfortunately, the high interest rates will prevent businesses from adding capacity. That could lead to unemployment, a recession and stagflation.

If the dollar crashes, what happens to gold?

Will gold be worth anything if the economy collapses? If the US dollar experiences a collapse, it can be challenging to determine which assets will retain their worth. Nonetheless, some popular recommendations include having a portfolio that includes:

  • Gold and other precious metals have retained their value during times of economic uncertainty. Throughout history, precious metals like gold and silver have been a reliable refuge during periods of financial instability and have retained their worth for centuries. Possessing physical gold and silver can serve as a safeguard against inflation and the devaluation of currency.
  • Real estate can act as a hedge against inflation.
  • Agricultural land may prove valuable as food is an essential commodity. Foreign currencies, especially those of stable nations with robust economies.
  • A diversified portfolio of stocks, particularly in companies with strong financial standing and a record of consistent growth.

what will gold be worth?

According to Peter Schiff, the CEO and chief economist of brokerage firm Euro Pacific in an article from Capital, in the event of a loss of faith in the US dollar and rampant inflation, the value of gold could skyrocket tenfold, reaching $20,000 (£15,170) per ounce. Schiff recently participated in a Capital.com debate with Australian economist Steve Keen, during which they discussed the potential consequences of a market crash.

Schiff suggested that the Federal Reserve’s failure to contain inflation via hesitant and delayed interest rate increases could trigger a loss of faith in the dollar. He argued that “these small rate hikes will not be enough to flatten the inflation curve. The Fed will fall further and further behind the curve.”

How much will gold be worth if the dollar collapses.

That is an intriguing question. In the past, there was a notable occurrence between 2002 and 2008 where the US Dollar (market symbol DXY – the US Dollar Index) experienced a significant decline in value, dropping by 45% from approximately 120 to around 70. During this period, the price of gold quadrupled and continued to rise, along with the price of crude oil, which surged from under $25 per barrel to a peak of $143 per barrel. As a result, gasoline prices at the pump soared from about $1 per gallon to around $4 per gallon.

However, it is essential to recognize that economics lacks rigid rules or laws, and each era possesses its own distinct characteristics. Consequently, what may have been effective in one era might not necessarily yield the same outcomes in another.

Presently, the dollar index (DXY) stands at 99.66, a slight decrease from its level of about 100 roughly a year ago. However, due to factors such as remote work arrangements, reduced air travel, decreased petroleum consumption, and stable crude oil prices, gasoline prices have remained relatively steady, along with demand. This challenges the notion of “history repeating.”

If the US dollar were to experience a crash, it is plausible that the price of gold would rise. This is because individuals often perceive gold as a secure investment during periods of economic uncertainty or instability. When the value of the US dollar declines, it can lead to inflation and diminish confidence in the currency, prompting a greater inclination towards gold as a store of value. Moreover, a weaker US dollar can render gold more affordable for individuals utilizing other currencies, potentially driving up demand for gold. However, it is crucial to consider that the extent to which gold prices would increase in such a scenario would depend on various factors, including the severity and duration of the crash, as well as other economic and global developments.

Is anyone else worried about the collapse of the US dollar? Communist China’s not willing to lend any more money because of our fiscal irresponsibility (a BAD investment for them, as they will NEVER get paid back). Would we go to the IMF begging for money? and be forced to comply with international law and give up our sovereignty? Makes you wonder if flooding the market with funny money and all this spending is an orchestrated collapse of the US. Not bothering with links, as you just cannot reason with Liberal lefties. Not a republican and definitely not a democrat. In order to further a North American Union and get one step closer to their one world government, they needed to reduce the value of the dollar close to where the peso is. Watch, by 2025, we’ll be hearing about the Amero again, because the dollar will be next to worthless. People aren’t paying attention…the only reason the dollar has any value after coming off the gold standard was because oil was sold in dollars. There is an international movement to sell oil in Euros or some other currency now…as soon as the dollar is dropped from oil sales, that’s all she wrote! China is diversifying in copper, gold and real estate to hedge against the fall of the dollar. Their trillions won’t be so much when we hit 1 million percent inflation (compared to Yugoslavia who had 5 quadrillion percent inflation!)

When will the US dollar collapse? Just a YouTube video I was watching hat FEMA and a Martial Law will be done once the US dollar is collapsed. the us dollar will collapse when we’ve built a building made of money and demolish it. I understand that with collapse of dollar and hyperinflation there would be deflation in other world currencies. What would be the impact of that on rupee and gold and silver? Expect the answer as per free market Austrian economics. If the dollar weakens two things can happen. Either gold goes up or it goes down for Indians. If the dollar becomes 35 rupees to a dollar (from about 48 or 49 right now) and gold just goes up 10 percent in dollar terms then gold will actually become cheaper for us in India. However, if dollar weakens by 10 percent and goes to about 44 or 45 rupees to the dollar and the price of gold in dollar terms goes up by more than 12 percent then the price of gold will actually go up in India. Both are possible scenarios but it looks likely that if the dollar devalues, we may actually see gold prices going up in India. Of course, the quantum of devaluation and the demand for gold in India will determine the price and by how much it goes up.

Morris Invest

The US dollar collapse is coming, and how i protect myself? Welcome to the world of real estate investing! As an investor, you have the power to protect your family by investing in tangible assets that can withstand inflation. One way to protect your investments is by moving some of your money into real estate, gold, silver, and other tangible assets that will last for thousands of years. If you’re already a real estate investor, you’re ahead of the game, but if you’re just starting, this is an exciting time to join the world of real estate investing. However, it’s important to consider whether you can afford a variable rate interest rate on a mortgage before taking on too much debt. Over-leveraging can lead to disastrous consequences, as Morris Invest did in the 2008 housing collapse (please watch his video above). It’s essential to ensure that the tenants and your financial situation can support the mortgage payments and prevent foreclosure.

If you’re interested in using property as collateral to secure an investment, it’s important to seek out potential investors within your circle of influence. Show them a presentation of the deal and offer them a return on their investment. If no one is interested, expand your search and reach out to everyone on your contact list to pitch the investment opportunity. It’s crucial to be persistent and assertive in seeking out investors, as only those who are willing to take the initiative will be successful. Finally, Morris Invest and I recommends two books, “You Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. These books may provide valuable insights into building mental toughness and developing good habits, which can be helpful in the world of real estate investing.

With the current economic climate, it’s important to reflect on where we are and where things are going. The next year may be a pivotal one in world financial history, as there is a transfer of power from the US hegemony around the US dollar to an Asian BRICS alliance. This shift in alliances and relationships may affect the stock market and cash reserves, making it crucial to protect your investments.

Updated April 2023.

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