What happens if one of the tenants on a lease move out? Is the other completely responsible for rent?

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A question by Basically, my friend and moved into an apartment and I have decided to move out due to personal differences. We still have about 2 months left on our lease so how does that work? We each pay half however that deal was never in the lease. Is there any legal action that my roommate can take against me?

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Nothing occurs. Regardless of who is really residing there, the lease remains in effect and both tenants are still obligated to fulfill its terms. Rent must be paid; the landlord may deduct a portion of the security deposit in the event that it is not; and, if another person is not found to pay the rent, the other party should hunt for alternative housing. Of course, this must be discussed with the landlord in order to obtain permission. The rent is the other person’s responsibility. When the lease is signed, both parties agree to pay, but if one party breaks the contract, the remaining party is still responsible for paying.


This is very simple question. If you want to leave early then you should pay your half for the next two months. In form the landlord you will be leaving and ask them to inspect the place before you move out. It will help in case there maybe any future damage done and you were not present when it happened


Depends on the laws in your state — If a verbal contract is a legal and binding agreement in your state or not — Usually if it’s not in writing it won’t hold up unless she has something from you in writing or she can prove you have been paying half the rent with check stubs or receipts — If she can prove intent then she has grounds for proving a verbal contract with you and can prove her case in small claims court even if you are not on the lease — The owners cannot make you pay but she probably, eventually can make you pay — And if she does win in small claims court you will, more than likely, have to pay court costs — But you should seek the advice of a professional or contact your local circuit clerk’s office or your probate judge for any further questions — Hope this helps -.


Even if you are leaving it would be the “right” thing to do to fulfill your half of the rent, in some way you had an agreement be it either verbal or written. However, if you are not interested in doing the right thing or being a good person then you have no legal responsibility unless you signed the lease. If your name isn’t on it then dont sweat it. However, if you want to remain civil to the other person then you should do the right thing!


If you signed the lease, you are legally obligated. If your friend signed the lease and you did not, then you may not be legally obligated. If you paid a security deposit when you moved in and you break the lease by moving out early, you will forfeit your security deposit.


If your name is on the lease, you have a legal obligation to pay if you live there or not. so, if nothing else there is small claims court.


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