what are the most expensive coins in circulation?

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Question by rerwe what are the most expensive coins….

Best answer by Guru: Rare coin values can often change depending on the economy and the demand for rare coins. The top 5 rarest coins known today are the 1933 double eagle which sold for a record breaking amount of 5 million plus 15% auctioneer charge  bring the total sale to over 7 million dollars US. The 1913V Liberty head nickel only 6 known to exist valued today at 5 million dollars. The 1804 silver trade dollar valued at over 37 million dollars.

The 1885 silver dollar valued at over 33 million dollars and the 1907 double gold eagle valued at almost 30 million dollars. This list may be somewhat arguable among collectors because there are coins out there considered priceless coins.

Putting the value on an old rare coin is no easy task, look at the history of the 1913 V nickel. No one even knew the coins existed until 1920 when one was displayed at a national coin convention. Thou it is only speculation as to how these coins  came to be the five cent coins suddenly became worth 600.00 a piece 84 years after the coin was introduce into the market it went from being worth 5 cents to a hefty 3,000,000.00 dollars in 2004.

In 1972, one of the five 1913V nickels was the first coin ever to sell for 100,000.00 dollars. In 1980, the coin became worth just shy of 1million dollars. This very same coin didn’t sell in 1961 for 50,000.00. The most recent activity for one on these 1913 V nickels was in 2007, when the finest of the six coins failed to bring a reserve bid of 5,000,000.00 US.  

It is speculated today that the 1933 double gold eagle could bring as much as 10 or 15 million dollars at auction, and the 1913 V Nickel would hit its previous asking price of 5 million. Like everything else in life, the value of a rare coin is what the market price will bare for it. The value of rare coins and the value of antique coins will fluctuate but the old classic coins tend to keep their value.

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