What are the coins and banknotes with unusual denominations?

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A question by User1969J What are the coins and banknotes with unusual denominations? Some coins and banknotes have unusual denominations. For example, there are coins of 4 doubles and 8 doubles in Guernesey, coins of 4 taris in Sicilia, 6 roubles, 15 kopecks, there are banknotes of 3 roubles. These values (4, 6, 8 and 15) are not common for coins and 3 is not common for a banknote. Do you know other coins and notes with odd denominations??


Continental currency, issued by the Continental Congress during our revolution, was in odd denominations such as 1/3, 3, 7, 60 and 80 dollars. The higher dollar amounts were a result of inflationary pressures because we had paper currency not back by any silver or gold reserves.

  • In the Netherlands, they used to have a banknote for 25 gilder instead of 20, as most countries do. I think they’ve gone to Euros now, though.
  • The US had a 1/2 cent, 2 cent, two types of 3 cent pieces and a 20-cent piece back in the 1800′s. We currently have a $ 2.00 bill, not different for Europeans but a little different for the US.
  • Spanish milled dollars were cut into parts in our colonial period. Hence the saying “Two bits, four bits, six bits a dollar.”

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We had in Romania, during the communism, a 15 bani coin, a 3 lei coin and a 25 lei bill. It was nothing unusual because we were used to such denominations. A foreign guy pointed me how strange they are. Now we have the usual European denominations.


BTW, the largest denomination U.S. bill is the $ 100,000 with the portrait of Salmon Chase on it. It is used for transactions between Federal Reserve Banks although with the internet, this need may be unnecessary. The $ 500 & $ 1000 bills were withdrawn so as to make drug money movement more difficult as the use of $ 100 bills makes the druggies ship 5x to 10x as many bills.

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Yugoslavia had a 500,000,000,000 dinar note in the 1990′s. Bosnia also had large bills – 10,000,000,000, 5,000,000,000…compared to the US’s largest bill – $ 10,000.


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