what are the cheapest gold coins?

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The cheapest gold coins available depend on the weight, type, and dealer. According to, the cheapest gold bullion coin per ounce available is the 1 Oz Gold Maple Leaf – Scruffy Random Year, which costs $2,034.19 and has a premium of $54.09 per coin over spot. Meanwhile I suggest that the five cheapest gold coins you can buy right now are the Canadian Maple Grams, Chinese Panda Gold Coins, Congo World Wildlife Bald Eagle, Austrian Gold Philharmonic, and the British Gold Britannia.

Additionally, mentions that the British Sovereigns is one of the least expensive ways to buy fractional-sized gold coins. It is important to note that prices may vary depending on the dealer and the availability of the coins.

If you’re looking for low premium gold coins, check 22K European coins.

In the realm of gold coin investments, the conventional wisdom often revolves around renowned choices like American Gold Eagles, Gold Buffalos, and Maple Leafs, typically carrying premiums ranging from 5% to as much as 10% in the current market. However, a savvy strategy that might not immediately spring to mind is exploring your local coin shop for modern, government-backed gold coins. These hidden gems can offer significant advantages. Take, for instance, a recent find of a high-relief gold coin with impeccable four nines fine gold quality. While it may lack the instant recognition of mainstream coins, it bears the unmistakable stamp of the U.S. Mint and a face value, making it an enticing option.

Premiums paid for gold coins in various locations for 2023.

  1. Central America:
    • Eagles, Maples, and Kruggerands with narrow preferences. 15% premium
    • Liquidity is a primary concern.
  2. Australia:
    • Krugerrand: 13% above spot.
    • American Gold Eagle (AGE): 12% (limited availability).
    • Gold Buffalos: 9%.
    • Maples and Britannias: 5%.
    • Australian Kangaroo (Nugget): 4%.
    • Sovereign: 12% (fractional coins have large premiums).
  3. United States:
    • Premiums of $50-70 over spot for coins. That’s roughly 7%
    • Dealers may pay melt for these coins.
    • Proofs available at similar prices.
    • Varieties not favored by dealers may have lower premiums.
  4. United Kingdom (UK):
    • Specific premiums for sovereign are really low, at 5 % or even at melt value for worn exemples

Local coin shops sometimes price such coins at or near their melt value, resulting in premiums as low as 3%. While gold enthusiasts often favor more common choices for their liquidity, diversifying your collection with unique, lower-premium finds can be a rewarding endeavor. Ultimately, your choice depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance, but exploring unconventional opportunities at local coin shops might just yield the best surprises.

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