What are some promising platinum producing publically traded stocks?

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Best answer: Not sure which exchange you trade on. but AngloPlat and Impala Platinum are two that I am aware of with ADRs, There are several public companies that traded in South Africa. The only US company that I am aware of is Stillwater Mining (SWC)

Anglo Platinum Limited is listed on the JSE and is the sole listed entity for the Group. It is also listed on The London Stock Exchange. International Depositary Receipts in respect of the company’s shares are listed on the Brussels Bourse.

Anglo Platinum Limited (ADR) (Public, OTC:AGPPY http://www.angloplat.com/
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (JNB:IMP)
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (ADR) (Public, OTC:IMPUY)
Anglo Platinum forms part of Anglo American plc which holds a 74,5% share in Anglo Platinum

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