What are some important questions to ask when purchasing a brand-new house (Texas)?

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How much is the house, I would inquire? also, “Is that your lowest price?” furthermore, “How much are the taxes?” also, “Over the past two years, what has your typical electric bill been?” also, “Over the past two years, what has your typical gas bill been?” the age of the roof, and “Ask you many questions, if you don’t already know, about the location. rate of crime school caliber? How well have the values been handled nearby in terms of parks, walkability, and transportation? city zoning, plans for any sizable properties nearby, and anything else that comes to mind. Paint and other things can be changed, but location can’t really.

I would then inquire about any health concerns.


“If you are using an agent, ask them to show you homes that the builder has already sold. Then ask the buyers if they have had any problems and if they did how quick did the builder resolve them. Also have your agent show you some homes the builder is working on now and go thru the homes as they are going thru different stages of the building. Look at sub floor, how the walls meet, insulation, energy eff, overall, the quality of products that he used. It is common for a builder to purchase builder grade carpet and it shows wear very fast. Also compare the price of the home to others in the subdivision. It is best to purchase one that is mid-range for future re-sale value.”


“Are there and problems with the house ect… , the past of the house, when built…”


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