We are just moving into our new rental.. (I live in Washington State ) and our new neighbor started taking pictures of us can she do that?

A question by :  We work so we have been moving in after work and on the weekend..

She’s on her own property when she’s taking pictures


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“I know of no law that would prevent your neighbor from taking pictures of you. This is today’s technology. Everyone in today’s society has a camera.

Perhaps a law is broken in your neighbor’s use of the pictures. I am sure the neighbor is not allowed to use the photos for commercial use or derogatory on some social site.

You might ask of your neighbor the purpose of her taking the pictures and her use of them.”


“Strike up a conversation with her and ask her why she is photographing you. After talking to her and telling her that this is making you uncomfortable, she may well stop. Otherwise start taking pictures of her. Probably no law against taking pictures but what she does with the pictures may not be permissible.”


“Unfortunate there is no law against being a nosy beiotch. Unless she is using the pictures for illegal acts then she is not doing anything wrong.

You say she is giving them to a neighbor that is selling. The only thing I can think of is if you are a minority race and she is trying to bully them into lowering price or some other prejudiced bull shit. Using the pictures for the purpose to discriminate would be illegal. The only thing I can suggest is notify your landlord of the harassment..”


“She is on her property so she can take pictures of whatever she wants. She could even do it if she was on the street. If she has told you she is, then consider talking to the other neighbors and find out what is going on. If it continues and she is bugging you then consider asking for legal help”


“I don’t know but that is creepy. Be sure to keep your windows covered in case they have a telescope to watch you. My neighbor’s wife told me to close my bathroom window. I had no neighbors that could see in there and there was a tree in front of the window…but at night with a telescope I assume her husband was watching me. That is creepy. I would ask her why she is taking pictures of you and tell her you would appreciate it if she would get out of your business…. creepy. I would also call the police and tell them. I don’t know if it would do you any good but it can’t hurt to let them know you have a creep next to you. Also tell your landlord.”


“Yes, she can take pictures from her own property. Since you said you were moving after work, maybe she was just concerned that someone maybe trespassing. She can talk pictures of anything she sees from her property and from public property. She is on her property and she is taking exterior shots.”


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