U.S. Mint resumes sales of its smallest gold bullion coin.

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The U.S. Mint has resumed selling its 2020 American Eagle One-Tenth Ounce Gold Proof Coin at a hefty $195 per coin as of late Tuesday.

In a memo Tuesday to its authorized coin dealers, the Mint has set a 20,000-coin production limit for the one-tenth ounce bullion coin—without a limit per household.

Sales of its smallest U.S. gold coin was suspended by the Mint in late April as year-to-date demand at that point in time had increased by more than 118%. Sales were suspended until inventories could be replenished.

Also on Tuesday, the Mint lifted purchase limits on the America the Beautiful five-ounce silver bullion coins.

Figures on the U.S. Mint gold sales totals site late Tuesday revealed 50,000 one-tenth ounce gold coins have been sold thus far for this month, with a total of 350,000 one-tenth ounce gold coins sold so far this year. This compares to total sales of 315,000 one-tenth ounce gold coin sales for the entire year of 2019.

Meanwhile, a U.S. Mint spokesman told Reuters that the agency will continue to limit purchases of the American Eagle one-ounce silver coins. Sales of the silver bullion coin were suspended earlier this year due to record-breaking demand. Silver American Eagle bullion coin sales have hit 3,458,500 ounces sold so far this month and a total of 21,768,500 ounces thus far since January 2020.

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