Today at Costco, you can purchase a tube of twenty 2024 Silver Eagle coins, each weighing 1 oz, for $519.00.

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Got a case of silver fever? 😂 Check out the current Costco deal on a new tube of 2024 Silver Eagle coins, each weighing 1 oz, for under $500, thanks to a 4% cash back with Citi and executive membership. For those in tax-free states, it’s an even sweeter deal. Unfortunately, us Cali buyers face a limit of 2, making it tough to qualify for a tax exemption under 2k. Still, snagging a tube for just over $500 with the cash back is a killer deal, especially considering the prior high prices on Costco. This deal is ideal for long-term investment rather than a quick cash-in.

Missed the silver eagle rolls? Wondering how other dealers can compete with Costco’s behemoth deals? Costco is already selling eagles for just $2.25 over spot, potentially signaling a challenge for online dealers. Will Costco raise prices to match competitors, or will they stick with razor-thin margins, relying on their massive customer base and publicity? sers share their observations on various retailers’ prices, with Walmart initially listing a product at $544.60, while others claim a lower price of $543.40. In the comment, A Costco member notes that SD Bullion offers a more economical option than the wholesale club. One user points out the benefits of an executive membership at Costco, which includes discounts. Despite positive remarks about the available deals, a user expresses dissatisfaction with Costco, citing limited offerings and a lack of consistency in store layouts. Additionally, discussions emerge regarding technical difficulties in accessing certain products on online platforms. A debate ensues about the legitimacy of purchasing from established retailers like Costco versus alternative sources like Bold Precious Metals. Amidst differing opinions on prices and preferences, the comments reflect the dynamic and competitive nature of the precious metals market.

Speculation aside, the product details for the 2024 Silver Eagle coin are as follows:

  • 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver
  • Produced by the United States Mint
  • Brilliant uncirculated finish
  • Packaged in a specially labeled tube holding 20 coins per tube

Remember, the item is non-refundable, and price adjustments are not applicable. So, if you’re eyeing a long-term investment and watching out for gold deals at Costco, this might be your chance! What’s your take on Costco’s potential market disruption? Share your insights, especially if you’re a bullion buyer or dealer with a keen understanding of the market and wholesale dynamics.

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