To become an investment banker, what would be the better degree- accounting and finance or economics?

A question by Anonymous:  Just to verify, accounting and finance is one degree not two.?


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Most people join after completing an undergraduate or MBA program accounting and finance . Here is what I would advise for recruiting undergraduates.

Carefully consider your college choice. In the past, banks have hired graduates of the Ivy Leagues and a few other top universities. Think of universities like MIT, Stanford, Virginia, Notre Dame, Northwestern, etc. Most public universities can help you land a career, but you’ll need to network. Never undervalue the influence of Ivy League and power school alumni networks.
Keep getting good scores. You have to keep your GPA at least at 3.5. In some cases, that won’t be enough, and you’ll need a 3.75 or higher.


“Without hesitation, the Accounting / Finance degree. My economics classes in my MBA were interesting but certainly not as worthwhile in the long run as my accounting and finance classes were. If I had it to do over, I would have my undergraduate degree in accounting (not generalbusiness) and my graduate degree would have a concentration in Finance. An MBA and MAcc go a long way in today’s society.Best of Luck!.”


“a million. be valuable to maintain your GPA as intense as conceivable. companies seem at grades as much as what instructions you’re taking. if you’re going to get decrease than a B+ in a sort, drop it. locate out which profs are basic graders. One guy’s cynical and opportunistic habit is yet another guy’s theory of good making plans. 2. Get interior the habit of interpreting the agency part of the WSJ or (much greater useful) the feet. Having a feeling of what the great deals are, and what the great financing traits are (IPOs, M&As, LBO’s) shows which you have an activity and knowlegable with regard to the marketplace. You not at all be attentive to once you are going to fulfill somebody who can grant help to. 2b. Books. There are countless books that invole investment banking and paying for and advertising lifestyle, and all of us who applies is meant to have knowlege of them. those contain Bonfire of the Vanities, Liars Poker, and Barbarians on the Gates. there are probable some greater moderen possibilitis. 3 connect regardless of “evil capitalist club” your college has. Many have and making an investment club, or some thing of that kind. additionally, verify into regardless of the LSE version of he fraternity device is. in case you discover one that shares your interst you will meet greater classmen who can get you interviews once you’re leaving college. Plus its a good time. 4. summer time Internships. you would be on your guy or woman till junior 12 months, then the formal internship application will initiate on campus recruiting. with the intention to set your self aside, locate some thing interior the previous summers that’s economic centers correct. you prefer to have a artwork history that information your activity interior the sphere and expertise, to the quantity conceivable. 5. Interviews. There are books accessible that describe intimately what to anticipate and the thank you to coach for an interview. Your on campus recruiting team can grant help to locate them. Get the main up-tp-date one as practices replace each 12 months. touchdown a good summer time internship after your junior 12 months is the main suitable component you’re abl to do. on the top of that, in case you do nicely, you will get an grant, which you will in turn use to leverage grants from much greater useful places. good success!.”






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