Thickener in Gold Mining Overview.

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Product Introduction:
The thickener plays a crucial role in concentrate ore and tailings dewatering within ore dressing plants. It enhances the consistency of ore slurry, elevating it from 20-30% to 40-70%. This machine finds extensive applications in metallurgy, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, and environmental protection.

Performance & Features:

  1. Flocculent Addition: Enhances deposition of solid particles, accelerating velocity.
  2. Sloping Panel Installation: Shortens settlement time for mineral particles, increasing settling area.
  3. Thick Layer Role: Facilitates mud deposition phase flocculation, filtration, and compression, thereby improving capacity.
  4. Self-Control Facilities: Equipped with complete self-control features.

Working Principle:
The thickener concentration involves Circular thickener and rake scraper components. Suspended solid particles in the pulp sink under gravity’s influence, with the upper part becoming the primary water, leading to the separation of solid-liquid. The sludge accumulates at the concentration tank’s bottom and is continuously scraped by the rake scraper toward the center discharge port. Subsequently, the scraped sludge is discharged. The clarified water overflows from the concentrated tank, completing the separation of solid and liquid phases.

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