The Australia’s new Super Pit 5oz gold bullion coin.

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The Perth Mint joyfully commemorates the illustrious Super Pit mine in Western Australia with the introduction of the Australian Super Pit bullion coin series for 2023. This series offers a trifecta of options: 1 oz silver, 1 oz gold, and 5 oz gold coins. Notably, both gold coins in this series are meticulously crafted using gold directly sourced from the Super Pit. These 2023 5 oz Australian Gold Super Pit Coins are now readily available for purchase exclusively through JM Bullion, the exclusive North American distributor for this release.


This gold coin commemorates the Super Pit in Western Australia, available in Australia and New Zealand. The coin showcases Queen Elizabeth II and the Super Pit design, with limited availability. Sourced directly from the Super Pit, the coin is available in 1 oz and 5 oz gold options. The Super Pit combines open-pit and underground mining methods and is a popular tourist attraction. JM Bullion exclusively offers these 2023 Australian Gold Super Pit Coins for North American customers.

Coin Highlights:

  • Each coin is safeguarded within protective plastic capsules.
  • This marks the fourth release within the Australian Super Pit Coins series.
  • JM Bullion stands as the sole North American retailer of the Super Pit coins.
  • The gold used in the coin’s crafting is sourced directly from the Super Pit.
  • Notably, only a limited quantity of 500 coins have been minted.
  • Each coin contains 5 Troy oz of gold with an exceptional purity level of .9999, and all are in a pristine Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
  • As per Australian currency, the coin holds a face value of $500 (AUD).
  • The coin’s obverse features a dignified portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The coin’s reverse design offers a meticulous view of the Super Pit, which is complemented by a micro-laser engraved letter for authentication.
  • 99.99% pure gold

Product Availability and Description:

This specific product, an exquisite gold coin commemorating the Super Pit in Western Australia, is exclusively accessible for purchase within the borders of Australia and New Zealand. The coin’s front side boasts a majestic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, with the accompanying inscriptions of “ELIZABETH II 1952 – 2022 AUSTRALIA 500 DOLLARS JC.” On the coin’s reverse, the design elegantly showcases the Super Pit, with the accompanying text reading “SUPER PIT AUSTRALIA P SR 2023 5OZ 9999 GOLD.”

However, for customers located beyond the boundaries of Australia and New Zealand, this extraordinary coin can be acquired through Silber Corner for Europe and via the website for USA . This remarkable 1 oz gold bullion coin pays homage to the iconic Super Pit mine and is meticulously crafted using gold directly sourced from this legendary mining site.

The historical significance of the Super Pit traces back to the late 19th century when major gold discoveries in Western Australia ignited a rush of prospectors from around the globe. Among these discoveries, the Golden Mile, situated in the mining town of Kalgoorlie, is now the site of the Super Pit. This colossal pit spans approximately 3.5 km in length, 1.5 km in width, and plummets to a depth exceeding 600 meters. It consistently yields an impressive annual output of around 700,000 ounces of gold.

Crafted by The Perth Mint, this coin is meticulously struck from 1 oz of gold boasting a purity level of 99.99%. Importantly, it holds the status of being legal tender under the Australian Currency Act of 1965. It’s noteworthy that only a limited number of no more than 15,000 Super Pit 2019 1 oz Gold Bullion Coins will be released.

Coin Design:

The coin’s reverse side showcases a striking depiction of the Super Pit, while featuring the inscriptions “SUPER PIT AUSTRALIA 1OZ 9999 GOLD” and The Perth Mint’s distinctive ‘P’ mintmark. The obverse side portrays the regal effigy of Queen Elizabeth II as crafted by Jody Clark, along with the coin’s monetary denomination.

Authentication Feature:

To bolster the coin’s security and deter counterfeiting, an intricate authentication feature is integrated, taking the form of a micro-laser engraved letter discreetly placed within the inscription ‘AUSTRALIA’ on the reverse side. This letter is discernible only under the scrutiny of a magnifying glass.

The 2023 Australian Gold Super Pit Coins:

The Super Pit efficiently employs a combination of open-pit and underground mining techniques to extract the precious gold from the ore-rich deposits concealed beneath the Earth’s surface. Open-pit mining necessitates the substantial removal of overburden, which encompasses waste rock and soil, in order to reach the gold-bearing ore. This mining process entails the deployment of massive earth-moving machinery, including haul trucks and excavators.

It is essential to note that the Super Pit has evolved into a sought-after tourist attraction in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, offering guided tours that provide visitors with a close-up view of the mining operations. Additionally, these tours offer valuable insights into the historical significance of the mine within a region often referred to as the “golden mile.” On average, the Super Pit consistently yields a remarkable 700,000 ounces of gold annually.

The coin’s obverse for the 2023 5 oz Gold Super Pit Coin features a regal right-profile relief portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II, who is adorned with the George IV State Diadem. This particular effigy, created in 2015, stands as the concluding representation of the Queen and commemorates her reign from 1952 to 2022.

The reverse design of the 2023 Australian Gold Super Pit Coins meticulously captures the Super Pit, offering a detailed depiction of the stepped terraces within the pit, alongside the roads utilized by massive haulers to transport mined material to the surface. This reverse side is further enhanced by an authentication feature in the form of a micro-laser engraved letter.

These 2023 5 oz Australian Gold Super Pit Coins are securely encased in protective plastic capsules and are offered in a pristine Brilliant Uncirculated condition. JM Bullion extends its customer service through phone contact at 800-276-6508 for those interested in acquiring these coins, while alternative contact options include online chat and email support.

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