South Africa Royal Mint Gold Sovereign.

Gold Sovereigns were minted at the Pretoria Mint from 1923 until 1932. These were produced at the PRETORIA Mint. The Rarest South African Gold Sovereigns are those minted in 1923, only 406 of those were minted.

½ Sovereign – George V minted in 1926 by the pretoria Royal Mint.

There were fairly low mintages of all South African Sovereigns and all are considered rare. The Mint at Pretoria minted sovereigns to avoid having to send them to London for approval.

SovereignHalf Sovereign
Gold Sovereign 1923 Pretoria Mint406None Issued
Gold Sovereign 1924 Pretoria Mint2,660None Issued
Gold Sovereign 1925 Pretoria Mint6,086,624946,615
Gold Sovereign 1926 Pretoria Mint11,107,611806,540
Gold Sovereign 1927 Pretoria Mint16,379,704None Issued
Gold Sovereign 1928 Pretoria Mint18,235,057None Issued
Gold Sovereign 1929 Pretoria Mint12,024,107None Issued
Gold Sovereign 1930 Pretoria Mint10,027,756None Issued
Gold Sovereign 1931 Pretoria Mint8,511,792None Issued
Gold Sovereign 1932 Pretoria Mint1,066,680None Issued

The new goldfields in South Africa ensured a ready supply of gold. Prior to the Pretoria Mint, gold coins were minted in South Africa and these included Burgers Pounds in 1872 with a bust of Rev Burgers and these were made from alluvial Gold from Pilgrims Rest.

Between 1892 and 1900, Gold coins were made by a mint run by the National Bank of the ZAR.

The discovery of gold at Gauteng (Johannesburg) prompted this
That mint became the State Mint on the corner of Church Square in Pretoria. In 1902, the State mint was closed by the British when they occupied Pretoria. An Alternative mint was attempted to be opened at Pilgrims Rest (where there had been a gold mine)
What was known as a field pound was struck and these and less than a thousand of these were struck.

These were often exchanged for British Gold Sovereigns after the Boers were defeated by the British. These Field Pounds are very rare and forgeries exist.

The Royal Mint started in Pretoria on the same basis as the Australian Mints. The Royal Mint both refined gold and struck sovereigns and half sovereign (including proof sets)
A range of other South African coins were also minted.
The sovereigns were identical to British Sovereigns with the addition of an sa mint mark.

South African Gold Pounds ceased production in 1932 and began again in 1952. The Gold Currency is now the Rand and both One Rand and Two Rand Coins are minted and are mainly used as bullion coins.

1923 was the first year that Pretoria Mint produced the SA mint Sovereigns and mystery and intrigue surrounds the issue in spades.

By Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurentl is working in the jewelry and investment gold since 2002. Alexandre graduated from The Normandy School of Business and from the University of Perpignan a Bachelor of economics in 1995.

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