Selling Gold Coins: What The Buyer Needs

Question by baldandstupid Where to sell gold coins for best price and how much gold can i sell without reporting?

Best answer: Long time ago, gold coins were commonly used for exchange. Now, many people searches gold coins for collection. For those who are interested in or already is a collector, and are willing to sell their gold coin collections, below are some of the things they need to know how to be success in selling gold coins.

Collectors used to look for these coins from reputable dealers, antique shops, or certified antique auctions. These places used to have their own certified appraisal that will issue a written certified appraisal for the coin that is bought, to ensure its quality. Otherwise, buyers will usually make sure if the store have a return policy, to guarantee the quality of the coins they bought.

Beside buying from those places, collectors usually needs advice on how to take care of their collection.These coins are influenced mostly by three conditions. They are air, environment, and the coin holder itself. For those who live near the sea, a salty air can cause damage to a coin. Or a dump environment, that will cause damage also. To protect the coin, the best is by using an airtight holder that is made of inert material that will protect the coin from anything that can damage it, including the actual coin holder itself. Notice! Never use a plastic chasing, since it will cause damage to your coins.

Last, collectors definitely wants to know the value of their collection. As collectible, the older its age, the better. Beside age, a mint mistake is another factor. For example, a number missing, a letter missing, or a double stamp at the mint. These mistakes are very rare, so if a coin has this mistake, it’s a very valuable coin. A coin blue book, antique or collectible guide are also a good source to give an idea of the value of a coin.

Those things above are what those who are willing to sell their gold coins collection needs to know. By understanding what the buyer needs, the chance to be success in selling gold coins are wider.

Good luck!

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By Alexandre Laurent

Alexandre Laurentl is working in the jewelry and investment gold since 2002. Alexandre graduated from The Normandy School of Business and from the University of Perpignan a Bachelor of economics in 1995.

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