SD Bullion, US Gold Dealer.

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SD Bullion stands as a reputable dealer in precious metals, specializing in a diverse array of silver and gold bullion coins, rounds, and bars. Offering a user-friendly online platform, the company emphasizes low premiums over spot prices and ensures secure and discreet shipping for tangible silver and gold products. With extensive experience in the bullion market, SD Bullion maintains direct connections with sovereign and private mints, enabling them to present a wide range of products tailored to various investor profiles. Renowned for competitive pricing, the company boasts a committed team of advisors and garners positive customer reviews for both pricing and customer service. Any inquiries about their products can be addressed through phone or email. In summary, SD Bullion emerges as a trustworthy and customer-oriented choice for those looking to invest in precious metals.

SD Bullion’s rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

and it’s impressive with an A+ and a 4.79/5 stars. I don’t usually rely on BBB ratings, but this seems like a good sign. Despite some vague complaints I’ve seen here, they don’t seem particularly serious. While there might be better options, I’ve personally ordered silver from SD in the past, received it without issues, and found their customer service competent and accommodating.

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Contact MethodInformation
Email[email protected]
WebsiteSD Bullion
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The company is based in Toledo, Ohio, and has a dedicated team available during regular business hours to assist customers.
DayOperating Hours
Monday8:00AM ET – 8:00PM ET
Tuesday8:00AM ET – 8:00PM ET
Wednesday8:00AM ET – 8:00PM ET
Thursday8:00AM ET – 8:00PM ET
Friday8:00AM ET – 6:00PM ET

You can contact SD Bullion for live assistance during these hours at 800-294-8732.

SD Bullion has emerged as my preferred choice for online precious metal purchases, thanks to their consistently competitive pricing, attractive sales, and prompt delivery. Despite a longer initial processing time for my first purchase, subsequent transactions were swiftly fulfilled. The company is widely recognized for its solid reputation and trustworthiness in the online metal market. Customers emphasize SD Bullion’s high volume of trade, positioning them as one of the largest and most reliable dealers in the industry. Reviews also commend the company for regularly outperforming other online retailers. Notably, there’s a consensus on SD Bullion’s commitment to security, with suggestions for verification processes like sigma tests and researching security features. While acknowledging the occasional complaint that can arise with any business, the overwhelmingly positive sentiment from customers reinforces the perception of SD Bullion as a reputable and trustworthy option for online precious metal investments.

A look inside SD Bullion.


Are there any complaints or negative reviews about sd bullion? SD Bullion has received mostly positive reviews and has been praised for its competitive pricing, customer service, and high-quality precious metals. The company has a proven track record of excellence and has garnered a large number of positive reviews, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. However, it’s important to note that there are also some negative reviews and complaints about damaged products, misgraded coins, incorrect orders, and delays in shipping. Some customers have also reported issues with the return policy and restocking fees. While the majority of the reviews are positive, it’s advisable to consider both the positive and negative feedback when making a decision.

what are some common complaints about sd bullion’s customer service : Some common complaints about SD Bullion’s customer service include:

  1. Slow and unresponsive customer service.
  2. Customers reported receiving damaged products and misgraded coins.
  3. Delays in shipping and processing orders.
  4. Limited physical accessibility as an online retailer, with no physical access to view products before purchasing.

Is SD Bullion an OK place to purchase bullion? Have any our readers any issues?

I initially favored SD Bullion but have moved away due to their high spot prices, slow shipping, and occasional unavailability of items. Although they consistently stock gold coins, better deals can often be found elsewhere, including local coin shops for silver rounds. My experience with JM Bullion, Monumental, Apmex, and Provident highlighted the importance of good customer service, an area where SD Bullion falls short. Notably, SD Bullion’s spot price is consistently higher than Kitco’s, potentially misleading customers. Their reputation is marred by order cancellations when prices are just under spot and lackluster customer service, which could be due to their smaller operation and competitive pricing. Despite these issues, they are generally considered adequate, but other vendors like Monument Metals and Apmex have proven more reliable and customer-friendly in my experience.

Have customers reported any issues with sd bullion’s shipping or delivery?

Some negative feedback and complaints have been related to delays in shipping and processing orders. It’s important to note that while there are some negative reviews and complaints, SD Bullion also has a high level of customer satisfaction, evidenced by a large number of positive reviews and a consistent A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. A Few customers have recently been expressing dissatisfaction with the shipping times of SD Bullion. Previously, orders were received in a shorter timeframe, but lately, there have been instances of orders taking approximately 10 days to arrive. This delay prompted a customer to inquire about an order placed seven days ago that had not yet shipped. Upon contacting SD Bullion, the customer was informed that the company has a policy allowing a 10-business day window for shipping. The customer, who typically uses eChecks and is accustomed to a 3-5 day wait, noted that in the past, shipment notifications were received around the third day. In comparison to other bullion dealers like JMBullion, APMEX, and Golden State Mint, SD Bullion’s delivery time lagged, arriving four days later than the competitors. The delayed shipping and perceived lack of reliability have raised concerns among customers regarding the overall service provided by SD Bullion, prompting some to question the efficiency and consistency of the company’s shipping processes.

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  1. alexis_tm

    SD Bullion has been my go-to online bullion dealer, and my overall experience has been positive with a few noteworthy points. Initially, SD Bullion stood out as the first online dealer I dealt with, and they made the entire purchasing process seamless and informative. While I’ve explored other online dealers, I consistently find myself returning to SD Bullion due to their user-friendly platform and ongoing deals.

    One aspect that particularly impressed me was their customer service. Every time I reached out to them, they were prompt and genuinely willing to assist. This level of customer support has solidified my recommendation of SD Bullion to anyone seeking a reliable bullion dealer.

    However, shipping time has been a notable concern. In comparison to my experiences with other dealers like JM Bullion and APMEX, SD Bullion seems to lag in this department. A recent purchase, initiated with a check cashed on 1/12, still hasn’t been shipped as of 1/23. This delay contrasts with my previous experiences of swift shipping from other providers.

    On a positive note, the holiday silver collection was a standout. I purchased two 10oz Christmas tree pieces, one for myself and one as a gift. The unique selection and competitive pricing made it a satisfying buy. The packaging, complete with a Bible verse, resonated with my values, adding to the overall positive experience.

    An issue arose with FedEx delivery during the holidays, with packages mistakenly delivered to neighbors. This hiccup suggests a need to order earlier for Christmas gifts in the future. Despite these challenges, SD Bullion stepped up and rectified the situation, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction.

    In a recent episode where three small coins were missing from a package, SD Bullion swiftly addressed the issue. The purchase was safely received two days after lodging the complaint, and the items are now securely stored. This resolution has restored my confidence in SD Bullion, and I express my gratitude to both SD Bullion and Trust Pilot for their responsiveness.

    While shipping delays were a concern, the positive aspects, including excellent customer service, unique product offerings, and prompt issue resolution, outweigh the drawbacks. I remain open to future purchases from SD Bullion, appreciative of their efforts to make things right and maintain customer trust. Damon’s testimonial stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

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