Physical gold (bars and coins)

On this page, the price of physical gold, with reference London Stock Exchange and the live quotation of Cpor (French over-the-counter market) of the main currencies.

2021-11-25 00:00:00USDCADEUROSCHF
REF01 Coins 20 Francs Napoleon349.84447.8311.8325.35
REF07 Coins 20 Francs Croix Suisse Vreneli 1897 à 1936, 1947,1949346.59443.63308.9322.33
REFUL Coins 20 Francs Union Latine342.1437.89304.9318.15
REF08 Coins Léopold Ier de 20 Francs.342.1437.89304.9318.15
REF09 Coins Léopold II de 20 Francs.342.1437.89304.9318.15
REF10 Coins 20 Lire Or Umberto I.342.1437.89304.9318.15
REF11 Coins 20 Lires Or Victor Emmanuel II.342.1437.89304.9318.15
REF12 Coins Souverain Anglais444.31568.72396413.21
REF30 Coins 20 Dollars1896.192427.1216901763.45
REF31 Coins 10 Dollars970.531242.28865902.6
REF32 Coins 50 Pesos2220.442842.1719792065.01
REF27 Coins 10 Florins359.04459.57320333.91
REF25 Coins Krugerrand or une once1861.122382.241658.751730.84
REF22 Coins 10 Francs Napoleon196.24251.19174.9182.5
REF26 Coins 20 Francs Tunisie347.82445.21310323.47
REF13 Coins Souverain Elizabeth II459.71588.43409.72427.53
REF28 Coins Demi Souverain232.25297.29207216
REF29 Coins 5 DollarsCotation suspendue depuis le 23/03/2020Cotation suspendue depuis le 23/03/2020Cotation suspendue depuis le 23/03/2020Cotation suspendue depuis le 23/03/2020
REF42 Coins 20 reich marks458.9587.39409426.78
2021-11-25 00:00:00USDCADEUROSCHF
REF33 Gold bars 1000 Gram58781.7675240.665239054667.04
REF34 Gold bars 500 Gram3136040140.82795029164.8
REF35 Gold bars 250 Gram15764.1520178.111405014660.66
REF36 Gold bars 100 Gram6283.228042.5256005843.39
REF37 Gold bars 50 Gram3158.444042.828152937.35
REF38 Gold bars once CP1974.742527.671760.021836.51
REF39 Gold bars 20 Gram1284.691644.4111451194.77
REF40 Gold bars 10 Gram639.54818.61570594.77
REF41 Gold bars 5 Gram323.14413.62288300.52

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