Pendulum Feeder Overview:

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A pendulum feeder is designed for use in various industries, including coal concentration and the chemical industry. It facilitates the controlled delivery of grains to designated receiving points, accepting materials from storage chutes through a filtering mechanism.

Features and Considerations:

  1. Suitability for Specific Industries: Ideal for applications in coal concentration, chemical industries, and other relevant departments.
  2. Material Handling: Effectively delivers grains from storage chutes to designated points.
  3. Limitations: Not suitable for transporting excessively large, dry powders, as it may result in fly-ash pollution or output jams.

Working Mechanism:

  • Motor Start: Upon starting the motor, power is transmitted through a belt to the reduction gear reducer.
  • Deceleration Power: The deceleration power is then transferred to the eccentric cam, allowing for adjustment of the eccentric distance (position adjustment is necessary based on the size of the ore).
  • Reciprocating Swing: The eccentric cam, through the connecting rod, induces a reciprocating swing arc in the pendulum floor plate. This movement opens and closes the feeding cycle, ensuring a uniform and repeated intake of material from the exterior. This mechanism guarantees a consistent feed, crucial for maintaining uniform production in mills.
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