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Goldbroker, a recognized company in the French gold market for over 10 years, operates on two online platforms: for the international market and for the French-speaking market. Their clientele consists of individuals, companies, and investors.

Created in 2011, Goldbroker launched in response to the growing demand from French investors looking to secure and diversify their assets in an uncertain economic context. By allowing clients to own precious metals in their own name and store them outside the banking system, eliminates intermediaries and minimizes counterparty risks.

Product range and storage solutions.

What sets apart from other market players is its wide range of products. In addition to physical gold and silver, they also offer platinum and palladium in the form of bars or coins. All their products come from refineries certified by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), ensuring authenticity, purity, and quality.

The secure storage of precious metals is handled by Malka-Mite, an independent company specialized in precious metal custody for Their vaults are located outside the banking system in free trade zones in Zurich, Singapore, Toronto, and New York. Each client signs a contract directly with Malka-Mite, who then issues a storage certificate mentioning the client’s identity and the serial numbers of the bars. This confirms that the client is the legal owner of the precious metals and ensures direct access to the vault.

What are the projects for 2023?

In terms of development, has several ongoing projects for 2023. They plan to strengthen their network of partners, such as wealth management advisors (CGP) and family offices. Additionally, they will continue improving their mobile application by adding new features to facilitate gold and silver purchases from smartphones.

Goldbroker and its platform offer a comprehensive solution for investing in precious metals, combining purchase, secure storage, and asset protection. For those looking to diversify their investments and safeguard against economic risks, is an essential reference.

Source: Focus PME on BFM Business.

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