On the 13th of February, 2024, there was a collapse at a gold mine in Erzincan, Turkey, resulting in an unspecified number of victims.

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A landslide struck the Copler gold mine near the town of Ilic in Turkey’s Erzincan province on Tuesday, trapping at least nine workers underground, according to officials. Video footage depicted a torrent of mud sweeping through the valley where the Anagold Mining-operated mine is situated. Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya stated that rescuers from neighboring provinces were aiding in the efforts to free the trapped individuals.

The incident occurred at 14:28 local time, and the company activated its emergency plan, notifying relevant authorities. There are conflicting reports on the number of missing workers, with estimates ranging from nine to twelve. Geologist Suleyman Pampal warned of potential environmental threats, emphasizing the need to prevent hazardous substances, such as cyanide used in gold processing, from reaching the nearby Euphrates River. Anagold Mining, the mine operator since 2009, expressed its utmost priority as the health and safety of employees and contractors, describing the situation as painful and swiftly implementing emergency measures.

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