New: Costco begin to retail 10 g Gold Bar PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna.

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The availability of the item is contingent upon its stock status. Typically, I can locate it when it is in stock by conducting a Google search for the product code and following the corresponding link. Conversely, when it is out of stock, I am unable to locate it on the Costco app or website. I kindly provide the item number, which is 4000224468.

I initiated a purchase of a 10g gold item at Costco, but subsequently, I cancelled the order. The price was above the spot rate, which is the standard rate for purchasing gold. In addition to the spot price, there is typically an additional premium associated with gold bars or coins. However, the cost of 899.99 cad remains considerably lower than the prevailing market price for PAMP bars of this nature. Furthermore, when factoring in the 2% cashback offered by an executive membership and potential credit card cashback rewards, the overall cost falls below the spot rate.

Many online gold retailers also impose higher fees for credit card transactions. Therefore, this represents an advantageous offer for these gold bars. The additional cost associated with the purchase is commonly referred to as a premium, and Costco’s premium is quite reasonable, positioned towards the lower end of the spectrum. Enthusiasts often acquire Costco’s supply of these bars when the premium is slightly lower. When combining the 2% cashback from an Executive Membership with rewards from a credit card, it is possible to obtain gold at a price lower than the spot rate over the long term (usually within a year or less, upon receiving the 2% rebate check from Costco).

It should be noted that this particular deal is significantly more expensive than the 1oz option. Furthermore, it is one of the few items for which returns are not permitted.

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