My mom wants me to pay rent?

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A question by :  im 20 and I have been working for the past 2 weeks at McDonald’s. SOOO my mom wants me to eventually help her pay for rent and stuff. How can I save up money to buy my own stuff…if I have to pay bills around the house??


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“Maybe your mom needs some help with the bills. Maybe she will see your paying rent as a small relief from the bills she is paying.
It would be the kind and right thing to even offer some money as help to your mom without her even asking. I do understand that it will take away from your total amount but, it will teach you some responsibility. As a child you have everything handed to you. When you are an adult, on your own one day, you will need to work for and pay for things for the rest of your life. Maybe your mom is trying to teach you some life skills.

If she is asking for too much, then try talking with her about it and negotiating a lower amount. Do not approach her when she is tired. Approach her when she is in a happy mood.

I can understand how you think it might be unfair. If I had children, I wouldn’t ask them for rent… until I was desperate for it. I would hate to ask… but if I was so stressed out that it was affecting the family and myself, then I would ask for help with paying bills.”


“First of all, you’re an adult now (you became an adult at 18) so your parents aren’t responsible for you anymore. And your mom is right that when you start working you owe rent. Everyone pays rent off the top of the income they receive. How are you getting to work? If you have no transportation as for assistance to get a GOOD clunker car from a dealership for a few thousand dollars, then get 2 jobs.”


“I don’t think your mom she has asked you for something big, she has just told you to help her to pay for the rent. Now you have reached at 20 and you are mature to the responsibility. If you think that your current job is not enough for you to pay the rent and you can’t say the money, so for a new job or you can do part-time job that helps you in your saving.”


“You are now an adult and your mother is introducing you to the adult world.

In order to be successful financially, no matter the income, you would be required to make a budget based on your currently earn each month. It would change as your income increase or you add an additional debt.

You might want to include in your budget the rent your mother is charging, the savings you want to do,
transportation if you have a car insurance, if you are no longer on your parents health insurance policy., car insurance if you have a car. You would want to include entertainment in this budget also clothing. There might be other things you deem important; therefore you would want to include.

Of course, in making a budget and there might be a few sacrifices you would need to make to stay within your budget. A splurge on your part might be ok, but don’t lie to yourself and use your saving account as a
checking account.

You should understand that fast food is a resume filler, your job is to obtain the necessary education to find a better and more secure job that offer more pay, benefits and the potential to grow and be more successful financially as satisfy your needs and make you happy.

If a 4-year degree producing college, does not appeal to you, you might consider attending a school that would offer you a career certificate, where you are able to offer any potential employer the necessary skills so you are pleased with your work and could be financial successful.

You would need to make this decision at this age, so you will not be saying when you have reached the age of 30-35 that I wish, or I shudda. It is difficult to attend at school in your 30-age group as oppose to the age you are now. You are currently living with your mother, so the expenses are not as high.


“You’re an adult, you’re earning a wage. Take responsibility. Why would you expect your mum to keep paying for everything while you still live in the same house? You use hot water, electricity, no doubt eats her food and everything else that has to be bought in the weeks shopping. You must be fair to your mum and start paying your way in life. End of!”


“It would cost you a whole lot more if you were living on your own. I’m pretty sure when you were growing up there were things your mom wanted to buy for herself but use the money to feed and clothe you instead. Stop being selfish and help your mom out, at twenty you should know better.”


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