My Landlord uses the car park in front of my lounge window as a dumping ground every time any works have to?

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A question by khriss:  

be carried out. This is approx 12 feet away and straight in front of my lounge window and i have complained every-time this has happened and they fob me off but carry on.

I had another letter yesterday informing me that there are another 8 weeks approximately of refurbishment to be done and that they have given the contractors the go ahead to use the car-park I feel so distressed by all of this as it such a mess to look out onto and this has happened at least 4 times this year, each for long periods of time.

They are delivering the portacabins and Toilet just before christmas even though they won’t start until after the christmas holidays on the 6th January 2023 and the men are here banging around at 7.30 am. each morning all through the day.

The letter stated that they have identified this area as an ideal location for them to store all their welfare units and containers. Not so ideal for me to have to look and listen to every single day.

Please can anyone tell me if I have any rights to stop this from happening. The landlord is a housing association and a far bigger force than me.

Can anyone give me sound advice please.

Kind Regards.


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“You can complain to the city if they are using public property. However, if they are using private property that they own you have no say in this matter at all. You cannot legally stop someone from using their property.”


“Your lease, or the Housing Association’s bye laws, may restrict contractor work hours. Phone the Housing Association’s office. Pretend you are asking about noisy work you want to do and ask if it will be ok if your people start at 7.30 and finish at 6pm. If they tell you no, that there are statutory hours, use the information they give you right back at them – to limit the hours of their contractors. They should not be permitted onto the site at all until the allowed start time and will be required to leave immediately at the required end time. No ‘clean up’ allowed after the curfew.

This might encourage your landlord to locate their stuff in another spot on the property.

Your only other recourse is to apply for a move to another flat.”


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