My apartment manager came in, took pictures of my unit during maintenance request, posted them to Craigslist to advertising rentals. Wrong?

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A question by :  She didn’t ask me first.
But she said afterwards that my apartment was so nice that she used them as advertisements for the rental listing of Craigslist.
Is this illegal? Can I sue her??


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“It’s a compliment to how nice your apartment is. I would think if the pics were used as advertisement, they need to cross your palm with silver for the use of your things. On the other hand, it insures they want to keep you as a tenant because you keep the place so nice. I “think” they should have told you what they were going to do and then the two of you would have come to some arrangement. Do they have to? Probably not. I really don’t know. But if they hadn’t used your apartment without your consent, they would have had to hire someone to stage an empty apartment and that would have cost them money. I wouldn’t want my apartment advertised, especially on Craig’s list. It’s like an open invitation to come steal.”


“Nope not illegal. The maintenance request gave permission to enter. No landlord needs your permission to take pictures. You suffered no losses to sue for. If it is for advertising then no unit # would be posted. No violation of privacy & no theft risk if nobody knows what unit the pics are of.”


“While they can come in to inspect the inside of your apartment for maintenance or breach of contract reasons with or without warning, taking pictures of your privacy is another thing. You will have to review the contract you signed with them; however, I would request that you ask them to take down the pictures as it violates your privacy and your safety as a thief gets a free casing of your place and valuables.”


“I personally don’t think you are being unreasonable to object to photos of your possessions and furnishings being posted on Craigslist for purposes of marketing the apartment complex. A smart landlord would get your permission first.

Bypass the apartment manager and send a letter to the owner, and I bet those photos will come down quickly. It will be easier for them to use different photos than it will be for them to articulate in writing because they have the right to broadcast the interior of your unit to thieves everywhere.”


“You should be flattered. Obviously, when people respond, they will be told they would not be getting that exact unit, because it has already been rented. He did nothing illegal.”


“It would have been nice to request to post photos of your apartment, but is not illegal to do so. Perhaps you have the best kept unit so they want your place in the photos if they have a unit available soon. Ask your landlord why they posted the pics.”


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