Morgan Silver Dollars What Makes Them So Great.

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Question by Investsilver Are Morgan dollars worth buying? how much silver is in a morgan dollar?

Best answer by Guru: knows anything about coins knows about the famous Morgan Silver Dollars. Not only are these coins great to look at and a part of our history but they’re also a great collector’s coin. There are many reasons why Morgan Silver Dollars are a coin worth collecting and worth your time and effort.

Morgan Silver Dollars are, without a doubt, one of the most well-known and still popular coins to ever be minted. As popular as commemorative, type coins and $20 gold pieces are is nothing compared to the popularity of the Morgan silver dollars. Although many people have different reasons for liking this coin, most will agree that its popularity has to do with its connection to the Old West and all the things that are part of the Old West: stagecoaches, silver mining, etc. Pure and simple – Morgan dollars are extremely popular coins!

Coins that are rare are graded on a scale of 1 to 70 (known as the Sheldon Scale). The better the coin’s condition is, the higher the number is going to be. The two most common grades collectors look for are either Mint condition or Gem Uncirculated. Because so many of the Morgan dollars were circulated and used daily, they were seldom collected or saved, making it hard to find them in a high grade. Therefore, the lower grades are going to have a cheaper value so new investors can afford to purchase them, making them a great investment coin!

The Morgan Silver Dollar is not a rare or unknown coin but rather a major part of the coin business. However, this coin is still very valuable because of its popularity with the public and collectors and it’s one of the most widely collected silver coins with collectors, investors and the public in general. They have been this way for over 40 years and continue to be this way. Even amateur collectors just learning about coins want to get their hands on a Morgan.

In 1917, hundreds of millions of coins were melted, which provided some great investment opportunities. The fact that there are so many Morgan silver dollars and that they are minted in 5 different places helps to make this a coin worth having. These coins were made for over 28 years so there are many different series and dates that can be found, some of them possibly uncirculated. If nothing else, the Morgan Silver Dollars can be very exciting to collect.

There are always so many reasons why people collect one coin or another. I’ve mentioned several reasons why may want to add the Morgan to your collection but left out one very important reason: its beauty. The Morgan Silver Dollars are recognized as one of the most beautiful coins in America.

The history of the Morgan Silver Dollar says a lot about its potential for growth in terms of earnings. At one time it was valued very highly. When following the patterns of history, one can assume what was up at one time may be up again at some time!

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