$1 dollar coin Morgan Silver Dollar 1878 8TF.

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This is the first year that Morgan Dollars were minted. The original design had the correct number of tail feathers – 7. However, for some unknown reason, the dies for some of the first Morgan Dollars were engraved with an incorrect number of tail feathers – 8 (eagle’s do not have 8 tail feathers). A substantial number of coins were struck before this error was detected so a recall could not be performed.

  • Price ALMOST UNCIRCULATED:$100.00 
  • PRICE RECORD (in 2015) : $55,813 • MS67 • The Regency Auction XII June 2015
Diameter ( mm )DenominationThickness ( mm 
38.1 mmMass total 26,73 Gr 
21,92 Gr (0,77344 ounces) of pure silver.
4,81 Gr of pure Copper.
2.4 mm (0.09 in)
Reeded$190% silver and 10% coper
Carson City mint
(Philadelphia USA)
().1878 with 749,500 coins manufactured.

Almost Uncirculated coins are graded by ANA Grading Standards. ALMOST UNCIRCULATED Obverse: Traces of wear show on hair above eye, ear, edges of cotton leaves, And high upper fold of cap. Partial detail is visible on tops of cotton boils. Luster is gone from cheek. ALMOST UNCIRCULATED Reverse: There are traces of wear on breast, tops of legs, wing tips, and talons. Surface: Three quarters of the mint luster is still present. Surface abrasions and bagmarks are noticeable.

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