Morgan Silver Dollar 1878 7 OVER 8

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The 7 over 8 tail feather variety was used to fix the “incorrect” 8 tail feather design and correct it to the “proper” 7 tail feather design. The 7F/8F design was an economic move to prevent the waste of the already made, unused 8TF dies. The design was corrected in the die itself.

Diameter ( mm )DenominationThickness ( mm 
38.1 mmMass total 26,73 Gr 
21,92 Gr (0,77344 ounces) of pure silver.
4,81 Gr of pure Copper.
2.4 mm (0.09 in)
Reeded$190% silver and 10% coper
( USA)
1878 with coins manufactured.

Grading Standards.

EXTRA FINE Obverse: Wear shows on hair above date, forehead and ear. Lines in hair are well detailed. Flat spots are visible on edges of cotton leaves. Cheek is lightly worn.

EXTRA FINE Reverse: Almost all feathers are gone from breast. Top of legs, wing tips, and feathers on head show wear. Talons are flat. Surface: Partial mint luster is visible.

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