Mexican Peso Gold coins.

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We have already spoken about the 50 pesos coin. This coin remains a very good choice for buyers looking to invest over the long term. But the 50 pesos coin is not the only Mexican gold coin to have in your money bag! In the following article you will discover the smaller family members of the 50 pesos coin and their characteristics.


Description of the gold pesos coins.

The 2, 2.5, 5 and 10 pesos coins all bear the same inscriptions and engravings:
–  The obverse of the coin has the inscription “ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS” (United States of Mexico) which straddles an eagle that is standing and grasping a serpent in its mouth. The eagle is standing on a crown made from an oak branch and an olive branch. The eagle is the National symbol of Mexico: for Mexicans it is the representation of the duality between the earth and the sky. It also symbolises the conflict that delivers Good over Evil. There is a legend which surrounds this eagle: the old city of Tenochtitlan, today Mexico City, was built in the place where the Aztecs once saw an eagle flying off carrying a serpent in its beak.


– the reverse of the coin shows the value of the coin and the year in which it was minted. The coin is the effigy of Michel Hidalgo, a revolutionary and abolitionist. Michel Hidalgo is an emblematic figure of Mexico: a priest, a rebel and a revolutionary whose insurrection triggered the country’s process of independence. He first proclaimed independence on 16 September 1810 and then abolished slavery on 6 December. On 30 July 1811 the Inquisition had him shot for his crimes.

The 20 pesos coin.

The obverse of the coin has a motif which represents the eagle striking down the serpent. The reverse of the coin shows a representation of the Aztec calendar from the Tiahuanaco Sun Gate. The Sun Gate is one of the vestiges of the Aztec civilization and is considered by several researchers as a astronomic sign.

Face ValueNet weightDiameter (mm)ThicknessCountry of originDate mintedDistribution
2 pesosl.70g13 mm0.54 mmMexico 1899  and 1920      –        1944 and 1948140,030
2.5 pesos2.0833 g15.4 mm0.84 mmMexico 1918 to 1920   and  1944 to 1948180,030
5 pesos4.19g19 mm1.05 mmMexico1905   and 1910       –        1918 to1920 and 1955.9,392,000
10 pesos8.33 g22.5 mm  1.42 mmMexicobetween  1905  and 1910 – except 1909 – between  1916  and 1920 except 1918 – in 1959″8,239.000
20 pesos16.65g27.5 mm2.44 mmMexicobetween 1917 and 1921-in 1959.2,831,000

Date on the gold pesos coins

• Note on the 10 pesos coin: From 1961 to 1972, 954,983 coins were re-minted with essentially the year 1959. In 1996 , matt remints were created.

What is the interest in Mexican gold pesos coins?

Above all the interest in these coins is numismatic. But there is only a small step from numismatic to profitable investment! Why? Because these coins are ever more rare and their value can never fall below that of gold itself under any circumstances. To be clear: buying Mexican pesos in an opportunity to combine asset protection with pleasure.

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