Mexican 50 Pesos gold coins Centenario.

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The Mexican 50 Pesos gold coin is not very well known in the UK, but its many qualities are more than enough reasons to make it an excellent investment if you are looking to invest in gold coins for the long term. This coin has great aesthetic value, large mintage (now ended), strong historical value and a very low or non existent premium.

Let’s begin with its characteristics.  The beauty of the coin is initially striking. It is 20% bigger than a one ounce Eagle, its American sister making it a large “bullion” coin.  It is 22 carat  with 10% copper to ensure that the coin is hard wearing and has an attractive colour.

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50 pesos gold 1922463 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1923432 600Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1924433 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1925716 600Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1926600 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1927606 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1928538 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1929458 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1930372 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1931137 600Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 194389 000Cotation Cpor +40%
50 pesos gold 1944593 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 19451 012 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 19461588 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1947303 000Cotation Cpor
50 pesos gold 1947 R3975 654

The image of Winged Victory makes the 50 Pesos Centenario one of the most beautiful coins in the world

A small history lesson is required to explain the image – in 1910, Mexico celebrated the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the war of independence with Spain. To commemorate the centennial, a huge victory column was erected in the centre of Mexico city, crowning the column is a 6.7 metre sculpture in bronze covered in 24 carat gold  and representing winged victory is   “ El Angel de la Independancia”, the Angel of Independence.  The angel represents Athéna Niké (Athéna brings victory), the famous Greek winged Goddess.

Located on the reverse of the coin, she holds a laurel crown in her right hand to symbolise victory and holds a broken chain in her left hand, to symbolise  liberty.  Two famous Mexican Volcanoes, Popocatépetl and Ixtaccihuatl, are situated in the background.  The date located in the bottom right is the year the coin was struck whilst 1821 is the year of independence.

Mexican 50 Pesos obverse with the national emblem

The obverse features an image of the national emblem – an eagle perched on a cactus eating a snake.

The edge of the coin reads « INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD »

Engraved by the artist Emilio del Moral, it was first minted in 1921 by la Casa de Moneda de Mexico to mark the 100th anniversary of independence (hence the name “Centenario” for the 50 Pesos coin).  The 50 Pesos coin therefore pays homage to the independence of Mexico.

More than 12 million coins were minted between 1921 and 1972.  The majority are dated 1947, but this is mainly due to 3 975 654 coins being re-struck between 1949 and 1972.  Only 309 000 coins were actually minted in 1947.  Re-struck  coins and coins dated 1947 are always of a very high quality however coins from earlier years are often rarer and therefore more expensive.

The 1943 dated coin of which 89 000 examples were  minted has a bigger diameter of 39mm but the same weight.  Very rare!

Today, the coin is a great success in the Hispanic world, mainly in Spain and Latin America.  The increase in popularity of the Kruggerand in recent years has however somewhat overshadowed the attractiveness of the 50 pesos coin for other investors.

A long term investment choice

Even if the differential premium for this coin is very low, it is a wise choice for investors looking to invest in gold coins for the long term.  It is in fact one of the lowest premium coins and as such can be purchased for practically the same price as gold.  It is obvious that in the case of a crisis, even the premium of this coin will rise, in particular in Hispanic countries.  In contrast to the Krugerrand, production of the 50 Pesos has finished and therefore the coin will one day become rare.  Avoid buying this coin directly from individuals as it has been widely copied and there are a large number of often crude fakes in circulation.

Buying 50 Pesos today to resell them when the premium has risen could prove to be a very wise choice.  You just need to be very patient and must not buy from just anyone.

Diversify when buying gold coins and consider  the 50 Pesos Centenario as  it has everything you need.

Did you know?

When Americans regained the right to own gold on the 31st December 1974, the Mexican 50 Pesos coin rapidly became one of the flag bearers for the physical gold industry.  The Krugerrand was not well known enough at the time.

Many transactions between Mexico and the USA were carried out using gold coins.  These gold transactions no longer occur today, but who knows, perhaps bank notes will become unfashionable some day and then…

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