Metalor Technologies.

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Metalor Technologies, formerly known as Métaux Précieux SA Metalor, traces its origins back to 1852 when Martin de Pury & Cie established the “preparatory rolling mill” in Le Locle. Initially focused on smelting gold and crafting watch cases, the company underwent several ownership changes throughout its history. In 1864, the Banque du Locle took over the plant, and in 1918, it came under the ownership of the Swiss Bank Corporation.

Under the Swiss Bank Corporation’s ownership, Metalor’s operations expanded to include precious metal refining and bullion production. In 1936, the bank consortium established Métaux Précieux S.A. Metalor in Le Locle, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s history. This move led to the expansion of production activities at the Neuchâtel site and later into various countries.

The growth of Metalor continued with the opening of the Hong Kong refinery in 1982 and the establishment of a US refinery in 1986. In 1998, a group of Swiss private investors, including Ernst Thomke, Martin Bisang, Rolf Soiron, and Giorgio Behr, acquired a majority of the shares of Métaux Précieux SA Metalor after SBC merged with Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Subsequently, the refinery group changed its name to “Metalor Technologies” in 2001.

In 2013, Metalor made a strategic decision to establish a gold refinery and bullion manufacturing facility in Singapore to meet the growing regional demand for gold. This move aligned with the Singapore government’s initiatives to position the country as a global trading hub for physical precious metal transactions, and the Singapore refinery was inaugurated in June 2014.

In a significant development in September 2016, Metalor was fully acquired by the Japanese group of precious metals producers, Tanaka Kikinzoku, thus becoming a subsidiary of Tanaka Kikinzoku Group. Previously, in 2009, French investor Astorg Partners had held a majority share of 50.5% of the company.

Today, Metalor Technologies is a prominent global supplier of precious metals and related products and procedures. It manufactures a wide range of alloys, particularly for the watch and jewelry industry, supplying many Swiss watch brands. However, its activities have expanded far beyond its initial sector.

Metalor Technologies currently produces gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bars at various locations in Europe (Switzerland and Spain), Asia (China, Singapore, and Taiwan), and North and South America (USA and Peru). The company employs approximately 1,650 people worldwide and has a history of manufacturing not only its own gold bars but also various themed bars for banks and savings institutions.

Minted Metalor gold bars (rectangular / metric system) Metalor Technologies SA

Starting from 2011, Metalor SA has been manufacturing contemporary gold bars in Switzerland, offering sizes in one ounce, 50 grams, and 100 grams. Additionally, a 20-gram bar was introduced in 2012 as part of their product range expansion.

MINTED GOLD BARSFine weightGold content(Size in mm)Serial number systemProduced sincePackagingDataMatrix
1g1 gram999.98.7 x 15 mm6 numbersBlisterNo
2g2.00 grams999.911.5 x 19 mm6 numbersBlisterNo
5g5.00 grams999.915.5 x 25.5 mm6 numbersBlisterNo
10g20 grams999.915.5 x 25.5 mm6 numbersBlisterNo
20g20 grams999.924.0 x 41.0 x 1.25 mm6 numbers2012BlisterYes
50g50 grams999.925.7 x 44.2 x 2.65 mm6 numbers2011BlisterYes
100 g100 gram999.927.5 x 47.5 x 4.35 mm6 numbers2011BlisterYes
1oz1 ounce (31.103g)999.924.0 x 41.0 x 1.9 mm6 numbers2011BlisterYes

This new production line incorporates advanced safety measures. Each bar bears a unique serial number, which is not only imprinted on the bar itself but also featured on the accompanying blister card. An innovative security element is the inclusion of a DataMatrix code, positioned alongside the serial number, serving as both a security feature and an authenticity certificate.

The DataMatrix code conforms to ISO standards and contains individualized information about each specific bar and its origin. This encrypted data can be easily accessed online through Metalor’s system, enhancing transparency and assurance for customers.

standard range Cast Metalor gold bars (rectangular / metric system) Metalor Technologies SA.

 CAST GOLD BARSFine weightGold contentSize in mm)Serial number systemProduced since
100 g100 gram999.0 – 999.9approx. 45 x 25 x 51 letter 6 numbers1965
250 g250 grams999.9approx. 58 x 30 x 81 letter 6 numbers1965
500g500 grams999.9approx. 86 x 38 x 8.51 letter 6 numbers1965
1 kg1 kilo995.0 – 999.9approx. 117 x 52 x 91 letter 6 numbers1965

In the medium weight segment, Metalor gold bars are produced using the industry-standard casting process. The design of the gold bars has been adapted and modernized several times.

Cast Metalor Standart gold bars (rectangular / troy ounces) Metalor Technologies SA– Standart LBMA Bank Tarding.

 Fine weightGold contentSize in mmSerial number systemProduced since
400oz400 ounces995.0 – 999.9approx. 245 x 87 x 426 numbers year of minting1934

The standard bars with 400 ounces of fine gold are intended for over-the-counter bank trading at the LBMA.

Metalor Technologies Limited Suzhou Cast Gold Bars (Rectangular/Metric System)

 CAST GOLD BARSFinenessShapeSize in mmFirst Issued YearSerial Number System Introduced
400 oz995+, 999.9Rectangular270 x 76 x 44, 235 x 57 (base)19896-8 numbers
100 oz995, 999, 999.9Rectangular156 x 78 x 13, 154 x 74 (base)19896-8 numbers
100 oz*999.9Rectangular112 x 57 x 27, 109 x 54 (base)19896-8 numbers
1000 g999.9Rectangular110 x 54 x 819896-8 numbers
* 100 oz bars manufactured for COMEX delivery
 Fine weightGold contentSize in mm)Serial number systemProduced since
1 kg1 kilo999.9approx. 116 x 52.5 x 9.01 letter 7 numbers year2007
3kg3 kilos999.5approx. 320 x 70 x 7.02 letters 7 numbers year2007

The gold bars with a nominal weight of 400 ounces are manufactured by Metalor Technologies Limited Hong Kong according to the specifications of the LBMA.

Bar production for the USA and North America takes place at the production site in North Attleboro (Massachusetts).
Gold bars with a nominal weight of 100 troy ounces are cast by Metalor Technologies Corporation USA for trading on the COMEX (New York Commodities Exchange). The individual serial number of the 100 and 400 ounce fine gold bars from North Attleboro includes the respective date of manufacture (year and day).

100g Metalor Gold Cast Bar .

  • Pros: This option comes with very low premiums, almost mirroring the spot price, making it an exceptional value for your investment. Despite its relatively small size, it packs a substantial punch in terms of its intrinsic value.
  • Cons: On the downside, breaking it into smaller units for selling to cover minor expenses, such as a $500 car repair, may not be a straightforward option. Moreover, the potential market for this product is limited since not many individuals can afford a 100-gram gold bar, unlike the more common 1-ounce or fractional options. Consequently, selling it might be more challenging, especially if you’re dealing with a limited pool of potential buyers. Personal affordability may also be a concern, as even owning a single ounce of gold can be financially daunting for many. Nevertheless, the allure of owning such a valuable asset remains enticing.
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