Metal detector enthusiast found a $312,000 gold coin in Florida.

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Merkelov shared the exhilarating discovery on TikTok, capturing the moment when the glittering 1852 gold dollar coin emerged from a pile of dirt. Overwhelmed with emotion, he remarked, “I’m trying not to cry,” as his trembling hands revealed the remarkable condition of the coin, featuring Lady Liberty on the obverse and the inscription “1 Dollar” on the reverse. Despite being a relatively common date in the Liberty gold dollar series, finding the 1852 dollar in such pristine condition is considered rare, as noted by Ron Guth of the Professional Coin Grading Services. Guth recommends seeking fully struck examples with minimal bagmarks and good eye appeal for enduring desirability.

A similar coin recently fetched an astonishing $312,000 at auction

Sergei discovered the coin in the vicinity of St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest European-founded city in America.

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