Its common for apartments to prohibit grills?

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A question by kater012 :  This apartment complex we live in says we used or stored our grill in the patio but we dont use it at all, we have it stored there since there’s literally nowhere else to put it in the apartments we live in, they’re also saying if we dont move it or whatever that it’ll be a 100$ fine but theres seriously nowhere else to move it?


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Its pretty common for apartments to prohibit grills because they pose a fire hazard and the smoke can bother other residents. In many cases their insurance policies require them to enforce this rule. And yes, they usually prohibit even storing an unused grill – because then they don’t have to catch you in the act of using it to enforce the rule.

The fact that you have nowhere else to put it is not the apartment’s problem. If you own more stuff than you can fit in your apartment you can either get rid of some of your stuff or pay for a storage unit but that is your choice and not your landlord’s problem. If you really never use the grill, then it seems like the common-sense answer would be to get rid of it.


“Grills would be addressed in the Rules and Regulations for the complex.  Presuming they are correct if you don’t pay the fine and get rid of the grill you could be charged with a breach of the lease.  You must be given a reasonable time to cure the beach.  If you ignore that it can lead to eviction.”


“They told you to move it or pay a fine, and you know even after you pay the fine, they are still going to make you move it or fine you again. you said you don’t use it, so give it away.

DAn Grayr

“You either get rid of it entirely, or you move it into your apartment. Most places don’t allow tenants to store things in public areas; you’ve been told what you need to do..”


“Get rid of it. If you don’t use it, then there’s no point to keeping it. Sell it if you can; if not, give it away if you can; if you can’t do that either, put it in the garbage (if has a propane tank, return that to a store; don’t put it in the garbage).”


“Get a big box and put it in that and put it in a corner, or throw it out, or do nothing and pay the fine.”


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