Is now a good time to invest in gold?

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A question by rahuman:   I have been hearing buzz about China Mineral Company, and know that they are opening up shares to investors soon. Is now a good time to invest in gold? Does anyone have more information on China Mineral Company?


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Already answered this buddy… Buy low, sell high. Gold is already at all-time highs. Is now a good time to invest in Gold? Yes! Should you invest in China Mineral? IMO No ! unless you already have a boat load of Physical Gold. Buying shares of a company is not investing in Gold. Buying shares carries much more counter-party risk. With the current financial system in a mess, I would make sure I had some physical Gold for insurance before I contemplated any other investments. Central Banks of India, China, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius think it’s a good idea. Follow in the footsteps of Giants and do as they do.


“China Mineral Co. was formed in 2007 to explore unallocated tracts of land abutting the Yashan gold mine. After initial surveys found not just silver, but extractable gold, the company launched its initial round up fund raising. Company sees potential for gold prices to exceed 1500 an ounce. International demand and regular depreciation of US. Dollar may push the prices. In view of the present economic condition, it will be better to invest in gold now.

Answer Me

“No, it’s not for many reasons. One of the reasons is that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. I would suggest you keep gold out of your mind and learn more about stocks and commodities in general rather than obsessing over gold.”

“Stocks ! Don’t be scared, just because some people lost their shirts doesn’t mean you will. The key is to educate yourself and learn how to prosper even in declining markets such as now! That’s the trademark of a savvy investor. Go for low risk, low yield stocks first since you are new at this. Read as much as you can and watch you tube videos and documentaries. If you find the topic interesting then open a brokerage account somewhere and start buying stocks.”


“I recommend a low fee brokerage like so go who charge $3 a trade like I said before and also give you 100 free trades to start so make your first few trades really small ones. And if you like to read then hit amazon and look for 5-star reviews on books and try to figure out what you might like the most, day trading, options, swing trading. Stay away from forex because it’s riskier than stocks for beginners.”


Forget about gold! Well don’t forget completely but think about what I said about eggs in the basket. You need to understand the logic behind diversification and hedging. .”


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