is it time to invest in gold?

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Anonymous answered: Should be ok to invest in Gold. But mind you not physical gold. Rather you should invest in Gold ETFs. The best Gold ETF to invest in is Gold BeES as it is the oldest and the most liquid. You need a broking and demat account to invest in ETFs. In case you dont have a broking or demat account, I earnestly suggest that you open them, you won’t regret it. Once you open a demat and trading account, you can just call up your broker, place an order and the units come into your dmat account on T+2, just like any other share.

Well, it very difficult to predict movement of shares or any commodity for that matter. What I do is that I keep investing small amounts every month. This has really helped me till now!! With the price of gold making new highs during the past week, I would probably wait for it to consolidate before entering. Entering today would not be a safe entry point, although prices will go up significantly in the future.

Gold stocks on the other hand may make a move up from here if stock markets continue their uptrend and the dollar its downtrend. But here also, I would wait for the stock market trend to continue in the next days and confirm.

It depends on your risk appetite and how long you want to invest.

It certainly is risky for short term. Already have run up a bit and within a year once economy is in better state and interest rate rises it will be volatile. If looking for long term 5-10 years, should be ok to beat inflation.

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